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    A 12-week open-label, multicenter study evaluating the safety and patient-reported efficacy of sodium oxybate in patients with narcolepsy and cataplexy [1]
    The 20S proteasome core, active within apoptotic exosome-like vesicles, induces autoantibody production and accelerates rejection [1]
    3D Cohort Study : The Integrated Research Network in Perinatology of Quebec and Eastern Ontario [1]
    3D registration of MR and X-ray spine images using an articulated model [1]
    L'accord de l'adjectif chez les enfants francophones avec un trouble spécifique du langage [1]
    L’acquisition du genre quand il est déjà acquis : l’expérience d’enfants hispanophones apprenant le français [1]
    Acquisition of French adjectives in Quebec French as revealed by elicitation data [1]
    Active nuclear import and cytoplasmic retention of activation-induced deaminase [1]
    Acute insult of ammonia leads to calcium-dependent glutamate release from cultured astrocytes, an effect of pH [1]
    Addition of exogenous polypeptides on the mammalian reovirus outer capsid using reverse genetics [1]
    Adhesion and transcellular migration of neutrophils and B lymphocytes on fibroblasts [1]
    Algal Biofuels: Challenges and Opportunities [1]
    Altered sensory-weighting mechanisms is observed in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis [1]
    Alternative Time Representation in Dopamine Models [1]
    Amino acid substitutions in σ1 and μ1 outer capsid proteins are selected during mammalian reovirus adaptation to Vero cells [1]
    Amino acids substitutions in σ1 and μ1 outer capsid proteins of a Vero cell-adapted mammalian orthoreovirus are required for optimal virus binding and disassembly [1]
    Ammonia : this is not the end but rather the end of the beginning [1]
    Ammonia toxicity: from head to toe? [1]
    Ammonia: more than a neurotoxin? [1]
    AnaBench: a Web/CORBA-based workbench for biomolecular sequence analysis [1]