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    Haplotype analysis suggest common founders in carriers of the recurrent BRCA2 mutation, 3398delAAAAG, in French Canadian hereditary breast and/ovarian cancer families [1]
    Have we reproduced Rat Park? Conceptual but not direct replication of the protective effects of social and environmental enrichment in addiction [1]
    Health and literacy: the Mini-Med School and the Literacy Foundation working together to reach native children [1]
    Health professionals’ and patients’ perspectives on pelvic floor muscle training adherence : 2011 ICS State-of-the-Science Seminar research paper IV of IV [1]
    Hemodynamic changes during posterior epilepsies: an eeg-fnirs study [1]
    Hepatitis C Virus seroconversion among persons who inject drugs in relation to primary care physician visiting: The potential role of primary healthcare in a combined approach to Hepatitis C prevention [1]
    Heterotachy and long-branch attraction in phylogenetics [1]
    HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein amino acids signatures associated with clade B transmitted/founder and recent viruses [1]
    HIV-1 envelope sequence-based diversity measures for identifying recent infections [1]
    HIV-1 Vpr induces the K48-linked polyubiquitination and proteasomal degradation of target cellular proteins to activate ATR and promote G2 arrest [1]
    HIV-1 Vpr up-regulates expression of ligands for the activating NKG2D receptor and promotes NK cell-mediated killing [1]
    How fast and how often: the pharmacokinetics of drug use are decisive in addiction [1]
    Hypothermia in acute liver failure [1]
    Ideal timing to transfer from an acute care hospital to an interdisciplinary inpatient rehabilitation program following a stroke: an exploratory study [1]
    Identification of rehabilitation needs after a stroke: an exploratory study [1]
    Identifying the direct effects of ammonia on the brain [1]
    An in-depth analysis of ethics teaching in Canadian Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy programs [1]
    Inattention and reaction time variability are linked to ventromedial prefrontal volume in adolescents [1]
    Incomplete hippocampalInversion : a comprehensive MRI study of over 2000 subjects [1]
    Incontinence : stress urinary incontinence treatment—surgery first? [1]