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    Quality of life in multiple sclerosis: translation in French Canadian of the MSQoL-54 [1]
    Quality of Physiotherapy Services for Injured Workers Compensated by Workers' Compensation in Quebec: A Focus Group Study of Physiotherapy Professionals [1]
    Randomized clinical trial of multimodal physiotherapy treatment compared to overnight lidocaine ointment in women with provoked vestibulodynia: Design and methods [1]
    Randomized controlled trial of physiotherapy for postpartum stress incontinence : 7-year follow-up [1]
    Reaching Innu and Atikamekw Youths in their communities: Future Healthcare Professionals Working Together [1]
    Rehabilitation needs for older adults with stroke living at home: perceptions of four populations [1]
    The Relation Between Depressive Symptoms and Semantic Memory in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment and in Late-Life Depression [1]
    Reliability of a quantitative clinical posture assessment tool among persons with idiopathic scoliosis [1]
    Requirements for the selective degradation of CD4 receptor molecules by the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Vpu protein in the endoplasmic reticulum [1]
    Responsiveness and clinical utility of the geriatric self-efficacy index for urinary incontinence [1]
    Rest-activity cycle disturbances in the acute phase of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury [1]
    Restoration of mitochondrial integrity, telomere length, and sensitivity to oxidation by in vitro culture of Fuchs’ endothelial corneal dystrophy cells [1]
    The rising prevalence of prescription opioid injection and its association with hepatitis C incidence among street-drug users [1]
    Robust regression for large-scale neuroimaging studies [1]
    Role of manganese in the pathogenesis of portal-systemic encephalopathy [1]
    The role of NGOs in global health research for development [1]
    The role of the melanoma gene MC1R in Parkinson disease and REM sleep behavior disorder [1]
    SCaFoS: a tool for Selection, Concatenation and Fusion of Sequences for phylogenomics [1]
    School adjustment and substance use in early adolescent boys: association with paternal alcoholism with and without dad in the home [1]
    Scoliosis curve type classification from 3D trunk image [1]