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    Neuropathological changes in the brain of pigs with acute liver failure [1]
    Neuroscience publishing is too important to leave to publishers [1]
    New evidence of factor structure and measurement invariance of the SDQ across five European nations [1]
    New pandemics: HIV and AIDS, HCV and chronic hepatitis, Influenza virus and flu [1]
    Non invasive classification system of scoliosis curve types using least-squares support vector machines [1]
    Non-invasive quantitative assessment of scoliosis spinal surgery outcome [1]
    Noninvasive Clinical Assessment of Trunk Deformities Associated With Scoliosis [1]
    A Novel Method for the 3-D Reconstruction of Scoliotic Ribs From Frontal and Lateral Radiographs [1]
    Optimiser l’efficacité de la rééducation périnéale dans le traitement de l’incontinence urinaire d’effort chez la femme : que nous disent les évidences scientifiques? [1]
    Optimizing urothelial cell preparation for the human urinary micronucleus assay [1]
    Overview of the First Phylogenomics Conference [1]
    Oxidative stress: a systemic factor implicated in the pathogenesis of hepatic encephalopathy [1]
    Palatalization in the Russian verb system: a psycholinguistic study [1]
    Partitivity, atomization, and noun-drop : a longitudinal study of french child [1]
    Paternal age explains a major portion of de novo germline mutation rate variability in healthy individuals [1]
    Patient-specific anisotropic model of human trunk based on MR data [1]
    Patient-specific model of a scoliotic torso for surgical planning [1]
    Pelvic floor muscle training versus no treatment, or inactive control treatments, for urinary incontinence in women : a short version Cochrane systematic review with meta-analysis [1]
    Pelvic floor muscles training to reduce symptoms and signs of vulvovaginal atrophy : a case study [1]
    Pelvic-Floor Rehabilitation, Part 1 : Comparison of Two Surface Electrode Placements During Stimulation of the Pelvic-Floor Musculature in Women Who Are Continent Using Bipolar Interferential Currents [1]