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Recent Submissions

  • Neuroscience publishing is too important to leave to publishers 

    Khoo, Shaun Yon-Seng (Episteme Health Inc., 2019-06)
    Almost every open access neuroscience journal is pay-to-publish. This leaves neuroscientists with a choice of submitting to journals that not all of our colleagues can legitimately access and choosing to pay large sums of money to publish open access. ...
  • Article processing charge hyperinflation and price insensitivity : an open access sequel to the serials crisis 

    Khoo, Shaun Yon-Seng (LIBER, 2019)
    Open access publishing has frequently been proposed as a solution to the serials crisis, which involved unsustainable budgetary pressures on libraries due to hyperinflation of subscription costs. The majority of open access articles are published in ...
  • Automated external defibrillator geolocalization with a mobile application, verbal assistance or no assistance : a pilot randomized simulation (AED G-MAP) 

    Neves Briard, Joël; Grou-Boileau, Frédéric; El Bashtaly, Alaa; Spenard, Catherine; De Champlain, François; Homier, Valérie (Taylor & Francis, 2018-09-10)
    Background: Shockable rythms are common among victims of witnessed public out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA), but bystander defibrillation with a public automated external defibrillator (PAED) is rare. Instructions from the emergency medical ...
  • A brainstem neural substrate for stopping locomotion 

    Grätsch, Swantje; Auclair, François; Demers, Olivier; Auguste, Emmanuella; Hanna, Amer; Büschges, Ansgar; Dubuc, Réjean (Society for Neuroscience, 2018-12-12)
    Locomotion occurs sporadically and needs to be started, maintained, and stopped. The neural substrate underlying the activation of locomotion is partly known, but little is known about mechanisms involved in termination of locomotion. ...
  • A single mutation in the mammalian orthoreovirus S1 gene is responsible for increased interferon sensitivity in a virus mutant selected in Vero cells 

    Reovirus interferon sensitivity
    Lanoie, Delphine; Côté, Stéphanie; Degeorges, Emmanuelle; Lemay, Guy (Elsevier, 2018-12-19)
    In a previous study, a mammalian orthoreovirus mutant was isolated based on its increased ability to infect interferon-defective Vero cells and was referred to as Vero-cellsadapted virus (VeroAV). This virus exhibits reduced ability to resist the ...
  • Tensions living out professional values for physical therapists treating injured workers 

    Hudon, Anne; Ehrmann Feldman, Debbie; Hunt, Matthew (SAGE, 2018-10-10)
    Health care services provided by workers’ compensation systems aim to facilitate recovery for injured workers. However, some features of these systems pose barriers to high quality care and challenge health care professionals in their everyday work. ...
  • New evidence of factor structure and measurement invariance of the SDQ across five European nations 

    Ortuño-Sierra, Javier; Fonseca-Pedrero, Eduardo; Aritio-Solana, Rebeca; Moreno Velasco, Alvaro; Chocarro de Luis, Edurne; Schumann, Gunter; Cattrell, Anna; Flor, Herta; Nees, Frauke; Conrod, Patricia (Springer, 2015-12)
    The main purpose of the present study was to test the internal structure and to study the measurement invariance of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ), self -reported version, in five European countries. The sample consisted of ...
  • Trajectories of gambling problems from mid-adolescence to age 30 in a general population cohort 

    Carbonneau, René; Vitaro, Frank; Brendgen, Mara; Tremblay, Richard Ernest (American Psychological Association, 2015-12)
    Studies of gambling starting before adulthood in the general population are either cross-sectional, based on the stability of these behaviors between 2 time points, or cover a short developmental period. The present study aimed at investigating the ...
  • The structure of psychopathology in adolescence and its common personality and cognitive correlates 

    Castellanos Ryan, Natalie; Nault-Brière, Frédéric; O’Leary-Barrett, Maeve; Banaschewski, Tobias; Bokde, Arun W. L.; Bromberg, Uli; Büchel, Christian; Flor, Herta; Frouin, Vincent; Gallinat, Jürgen; Garavan, Hugh; Martinot, Jean-Luc; Nees, Frauke; Paus, Tomáš; Pausova, Zdenka; Rietschel, Marcella; Robbins, Trevor W.; Smolka, Michael N.; Whelan, Robert; Schumann, Gunter; Conrod, Patricia; Imagen Consortium (American Psychological Association, 2016-11)
    The traditional view that mental disorders are distinct, categorical disorders has been challenged by evidence that disorders are highly comorbid and exist on a continuum (e.g., Caspi et al., 2014; Tackett et al., 2013). The first objective of this ...
  • Dietary intake at 9 years and subsequent body mass index in adolescent boys and girls: a study of monozygotic twin pairs 

    Diet and weight status in adolescent twins
    Dubois, Lise; Diasparra, Maikol; Bogl, Leonie-Helen; Fontaine-Bisson, Bénédicte; Bédard, Brigitte; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Kaprio, Jaakko; Boivin, Michel (Cambridge University Press, 2016-02)
    There is a lack of evidence pointing to specific dietary elements related to weight gain and obesity prevention in childhood and adulthood. Dietary intake and obesity are both inherited and culturally transmitted, but most prospective studies on the ...

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