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  • Sex is associated with differences in oxidative stress and susceptibility to severe hepatic encephalopathy in bile-duct ligated rats 

    Oliveira, Mariana M.; Monnet-Aimard, Alexis; Bosoi, Cristina R.; Tremblay, Mélanie; Rose, Christopher (Wiley, 2022-06-30)
    Hepatic encephalopathy (HE) is a debilitating neurological complication of chronic liver disease (CLD). Hyperammonemia plays an important role in HE’s pathogenesis, acting synergistically with systemic oxidative stress. During CLD, muscle plays a ...
  • Moment arms of the deltoid, infraspinatus and teres minor muscles for movements with high range of motion : a cadaveric study 

    Hoffmann, Marion; Begon, Mickaël; Assila, Najoua; St-Pierre, Marc-Olivier; Bertrand-Grenier, Antony; Duprey, Sonia; Sobczak, Stéphane (Elsevier, 2022-05-25)
    Background Moment arms are an indicator of the role of the muscles in joint actuation. An excursion method is often used to calculate them, even though it provides 1D results. As shoulder movement occurs in three dimensions (combination of flexion, ...
  • Optimal estimation of complex aerial movements using dynamic optimization 

    Venne, André; Bailly, François; Charbonneau, Eve; Dowling-Medley, Jennifer; Begon, Mickaël (Routledge, 2022-06-01)
    When estimating full-body motion from experimental data, inverse kinematics followed by inverse dynamics does not guarantee dynamical consistency of the resulting motion, especially in movements where the trajectory depends heavily on the initial state, ...
  • Gait adaptations of individuals with cerebral palsy on irregular surfaces : a scoping review 

    Dussault-Picard, Cloé; Mohammadyari, S.G.; Arvisais, Denis; Robert, M.T.; Dixon, Philippe (Elsevier, 2022-05-10)
    Background Individuals with cerebral palsy (CP) have a reduced ability to perform motor tasks such as walking. During daily walking, they are confronted with environmental constraints such as irregular surfaces (e.g., relief and uneven surfaces) which ...
  • Amino acids, ammonia, and hepatic encephalopathy 

    Kroupina, Katerina; Bémeur, Chantal; Rose, Christopher (Elsevier, 2022-04-30)
    Hepatic encephalopathy (HE) is a decline in brain function arising due to liver insufficiency. The liver's diminished capacity to clear ammonia, and the subsequent accumulation of it, is highly implicated in pathogenesis of HE. Ammonia is endogenously ...
  • Renal dysfunction independently predicts muscle mass loss in patients following liver transplantation 

    Nguyen, Mimosa; Mukaneza, Yvette; Tremblay, Mélanie; Huard, Geneviève; Tang, An; Rose, Christopher; Bémeur, Chantal (University of Toronto Press, 2022-05-02)
    Liver transplantation (LT) is the only curative treatment for cirrhosis. However, the presence of complications can impact outcomes following LT. Sarcopenia, or muscle mass loss, is highly prevalent in patients with cirrhosis and is associated with ...
  • Optimal forward twisting pike somersault without self-collision 

    Charbonneau, Eve; Bailly, François; Begon, Mickaël (Routledge & International Society of Biomechanics in Sports, 2022-03-23)
    In acrobatic sports, twisting fast before piking allows athletes to enlarge their scoring potential. Since planning the arm and hip movements to twist fast is unintuitive, optimal control appears as a powerful and risk-free tool. To our knowledge, ...
  • Heretical thoughts into hepatic encephalopathy 

    Jalan, Rajiv; Rose, Christopher (Elsevier & European Association for the Study of the Liver, 2022-03-27)
    Clinical progress in the development of new diagnostic modalities and therapeutic strategies for the management of patients with hepatic encephalopathy has lagged behind the vast knowledge that has been generated from basic studies. In this article, ...
  • Telehealth for people who inject drugs : An acceptable method of treatment but challenging to access 

    Delisle-Reda, Samuel; Bruneau, Julie; Martel-Laferrière, Valérie (Routledge, 2022-02-08)
    Background: While telemedicine is seen as an emerging practice that will outlast the COVID-19 pandemic, it can reduce health services for those with limited internet and technological devices access or sufficient literacy. Objective(s): The a ...
  • Macrostructural aspects in oral narratives in Brazilian Portuguese by left and right hemisphere stroke patients with low education and low socioeconomic status 

    Schneider, Fernanda; Marcotte, Karine; Amélie, Brisebois; Townsend, Martins; Anderson Dick, Smidarle; Soder, Ricardo Bernardi; Marrone, Luiz Carlos Porcello; Hübner, Lilian Cristine (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 2022-03-18)
    Objective: Individuals with a stroke in either the left (LH) or right hemisphere (RH) often present macrostructural impairments in narrative abilities. Understanding the potential influence of low education and low socioeconomic status (SES) is ...

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