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    Why linking matters : a metajournalistic discourse analysis 

    De Maeyer, Juliette; Holton, Avery (2016-08)
    Journalists have incorporated hyperlinks (i.e. linking) into their professional practice since the early stages of digital news expansion. Media scholars and professionals have continually championed their use, yet little ...
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    Waiting for Data Journalism 

    De Maeyer, Juliette; Libert, Manon; Domingo, David; Heinderyckx, François; Le Cam, Florence (2015-05)
    Data journalism has emerged as a trend worthy of attention in newsrooms the world over. Previous research has highlighted how elite media, journalism education institutions, and other interest groups take part in the ...
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    The Material Traces of Journalism 

    De Maeyer, Juliette; Le Cam, Florence (2015-01)
    This paper explores how the study of objects of journalism, retraced through the material traces left in metajournalistic discourses, might constitute a robust basis to investigate change and permanence in contemporary ...
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    Towards a hyperlinked society : a critical review of link studies 

    De Maeyer, Juliette (2013-08)
    The hyperlink is a fundamental feature of the web. This paper investigates how hyperlinks have been used as research objects in social sciences. Reviewing a body of literature belonging to sociology, political sciences, ...
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    Dérouler le fil des liens hypertextes : les controverses au service de l’imaginaire journalistique 

    De Maeyer, Juliette (2013)
    Le lien hypertexte est une « technologie de l’esprit » encore peu stabilisée dans les pratiques du journalisme en ligne. Cet article retrace, dans une perspective sociohistorique, les discours métajournalistiques au sujet ...
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    The journalistic hyperlink 

    De Maeyer, Juliette (2012-10)
    Hypertextuality has been a fundamental characteristic of the Web since its inception. It also impacts on journalism: the ability to link pages, sites and documents stands out as one of the features that essentially ...
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    Déposez dans Papyrus 1,2,3! 

    Vézina, Marie-Hélène; Duchesne, Marie-Ève; Lemarier, Geneviève (2015-12-03)
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    Mot du comité de rédaction 

    Bernier, Catherine; Bernier, Gaston (2008)
    Présentation du numéro spécial conjoint des revues « Argus » et « Documentation et bibliothèques » à l'occasion de la tenue à Québec, en août 2008, du 74e Congrès de l'IFLA.

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