• On the importance of noncrystalline phases in semicrystalline electrospun nanofibers 

    Soleimani, Foad; Mazaheri, Mozhdeh; Pellerin, Christian; Bagheri, Reza (American Chemical Society, 2021-11-18)
    Tailoring the properties of electrospun fibers requires a detailed understanding and control of their microstructure. We investigate the structure/property relationships in fabrics of randomly aligned fibers of polylactide, a prevalent biopolymer, ...
  • Le rôle modérateur de la congruence au travail dans le lien entre les difficultés de régulation émotionnelle et l’épuisement professionnel 

    Paulus, Amélie (2020-09-01)
    La présente étude vise à examiner si la congruence Soi-Travail (CT) modifie l’association entre les difficultés de régulation émotionnelle (DÉ) et l’épuisement émotionnel (ÉÉ) dans une cohorte d’intervenants en protection de la jeunesse des CIUSSS – ...
  • A Bayesian meta-analysis on the effects of mTBI on attention in an adult population 

    Houdeib, Ramzi (2021-10)
    Contexte. Les traumatismes craniocérébraux légers (TCCl) constituent un problème important en raison de leur coût humain et financier exorbitant. Au cours des trois premiers mois post accident, les patients souffrent généralement de symptômes somatiques, ...
  • Normative properties for object allocation problems : characterizations and trade-offs 

    Ehlers, Lars; Klaus, Bettina (Université de Lausanne. École des hautes études commerciales. Département d'économie, 2021-03)
    We consider the allocation of indivisible objects among agents when monetary transfers are not allowed. Agents have strict preferences over the objects (possibly about not getting any object) and are assigned at most one object. How should one allocate ...
  • Three public goods and lexicographic preferences : replacement principle 

    Ehlers, Lars (Centre interuniversitaire de recherche en économie quantitative, 2021-03)
    We study the problem of locating multiple public goods for a group of agents with single-peaked preferences over an interval. An alternative specifies for each public good a location. In Miyagawa (1998) each agent consumes only his most preferred ...
  • Children’s mental and behavioral health, schooling, and socioeconomic characteristics during school closure in France due to COVID‑19 : the SAPRIS project 

    Monnier, Maëva; Moulin, Flore; Thierry, Xavier; Vandentorren, Stéphanie; Côté, Sylvana; Falissard, Bruno; Plancoulaine, Sabine; Charles, Marie‑Aline; Simeon, Thierry; Geay, Bertrand; Marchand, Laetitia; Ancel, Pierre‑Yves; Melchior, Maria; Rouquette, Alexandra; Galera, Cédric (Nature research, 2021-11-17)
    COVID-19 limitation strategies have led to widespread school closures around the world. The present study reports children’s mental health and associated factors during the COVID-19 school closure in France in the spring of 2020. We conducted a ...
  • Strategy-proof and envyfree random assignment 

    Basteck, Christian; Ehlers, Lars (Centre interuniversitaire de recherche en économie quantitative, 2020-12-22)
    We study the random assignment of indivisible objects among a set of agents with strict preferences. We show that there exists no mechanism which is strategy-proof, envyfree and unanimous. Then we weaken the latter requirement to q-unanimity: when ...
  • Predatory publishers’ latest scam : bootlegged and rebranded papers 

    Siler, Kyle; Vincent-Lamarre, Philippe; Sugimoto, Cassidy R.; Larivière, Vincent (Nature research, 2021-10-26)
    To thwart publishing rackets that undermine scholars and scholarly publishing, legitimate journals should show their workings.
  • Non-manipulable house exchangeunder (minimum) equilibrium prices 

    Andersson, Tommy; Ehlers, Lars; Svensson, Lars-Gunnar (Lund University. Department of economics, 2020)
    We consider a market with indivisible objects, called houses, and money. On this market, each house is initially owned (or rented) by some agent and each agent demands precisely one house. The problem is to identify the complete set of direct allocation ...
  • Exploring the interdisciplinarity patterns of highly cited papers 

    Chen, Shiji; Qiu, Jinping; Arsenault, Clément; Larivière, Vincent (Elsevier, 2020-12-31)
    This study explores the relationship between interdisciplinarity and the citation impact of highly cited papers. In this paper, interdisciplinarity is investigated by comparing the dimensions of disciplinary diversity (variety, balance, and disparity) ...

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