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    Keeping cool in acute liver failure: rationale for the use of mild hypothermia [1]
    L-ornithine phenylacetate attenuates increased arterial and extracellular brain ammonia and prevents intracranial hypertension in pigs with acute liver failure [1]
    L-ornithine-L-aspartate in experimental portal-systemic encephalopathy: therapeutic efficacy and mechanism of action [1]
    Language acquisition [1]
    Language and literacy [1]
    Language electrified : techniques, methods, applications, and future perspectives in the neurophysiological investigation of language [1]
    Law and human behavior [1]
    Leisure practice and its relations to cognitive vitality for seniors attending community organizations [1]
    Letters to the Editor: Correspondence re R. Lapointe et al., CD40-stimulated B Lymphocytes Pulsed with Tumor Antigens Are Effective Antigen-presenting Cells That Can Generate Specific T Cells. Cancer Res 2003;63:2836–43. [1]
    LIBER Quarterly [1]
    Le libre accès pour les bibliothèques de la santé : des ressources à découvrir [1]
    Licit and illicit substance use among people who inject drugs and the association with subsequent suicidal attempt [1]
    Limited capacity for ammonia removal by brain in chronic liver failure: potential role of nitric oxide [1]
    Liver international [8]
    Long-term discourse outcomes and their relationship to white matter damage in moderate to severe adulthood traumatic brain injury [1]
    Longitudinal association between peer victimization and sleep problems in preschoolers: the moderating role of parenting [1]
    Longitudinal changes in HIV-specific IFN-? secretion in subjects who received Remune™ vaccination prior to treatment interruption [1]
    A longitudinal study of narrative discourse in post-stroke aphasia [1]
    Loss of noradrenaline transporter sites in frontal cortex of rats with acute (ischemic) liver failure [1]
    Lower limb joint moments on the fast belt contribute to a reduction of step length asymmetry over ground after split-belt treadmill training in stroke : a pilot study [1]

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