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    Targeting the muscle for the treatment and prevention of hepatic encephalopathy [1]
    Telehealth for people who inject drugs : An acceptable method of treatment but challenging to access [1]
    Temperature [1]
    The temporal dynamics of inflected word recognition: a masked ERP priming study of French verbs [1]
    Ten simple rules for conducting a mendelian randomization study [1]
    Tensions living out professional values for physical therapists treating injured workers [1]
    Theoretical implications and applications for understanding and changing concussion-related behaviors [1]
    Three rounds (1R/2R/3R) of genome duplications and the evolution of the glycolytic pathway in vertebrates [1]
    Timing and chronicity of maternal depression symptoms and children's verbal abilities [1]
    Timing stroke : a review on stroke pathophysiology and its influence over time on diffusion measures [1]
    Topics in stroke rehabilitation [3]
    Towards Non Invasive Diagnosis of Scoliosis Using Semi-supervised Learning Approach [1]
    Toxicology in vitro [1]
    Training persons with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease how to use an electronic medication management device : development of an intervention protocol [1]
    Trajectories and predictors of functional capacity decline in older adults from a Brazilian Northeastern hospital [1]
    Trajectories of gambling problems from mid-adolescence to age 30 in a general population cohort [1]
    A transdisciplinary perspective of chronic stress in relation to psychopathology throughout life span development [1]
    Transient high level mammalian reovirus replication in a bat epithelial cell line occurs without cytopathic effect [1]
    Translational psychiatry [1]
    Trends in neurosciences [1]

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