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    The factors contributing to teacher predictions of spelling ability, and the accuracy of their assessments [1]
    Familial deletion 18p syndrome: case report [1]
    Feature-based tracking of urethral motion in low-resolution trans-perineal ultrasound [1]
    fNIRS-EEG study of focal interictal epileptiform discharges [1]
    Folio phoniatrica et logopaedica [1]
    Formation and differentiation of multiple mesenchymal lineages during lung development is regulated by {beta}-catenin signaling [1]
    Free radical biology and medicine [1]
    The French noun phrase in preschool children with SLI: morphosyntactic and error analyses [1]
    French translation and validation of the Synkinesis Assessment Questionnaire [1]
    Frequency of Chromosome Healing and Interstitial Telomeres in 40 Cases of Constitutional Abnormalities [1]
    Frontiers in neuroanatomy [1]
    Frontiers in neurology [1]
    Functional neuroimaging predictors of self-reported psychotic symptoms in adolescents [1]
    Further characterization and determination of the single amino acid change in the tsI138 reovirus thermosensitive mutant [1]
    Gait and posture [2]
    Gait-like vibration training improves gait abilities: a case report of a 62 year old person with a chronic incomplete spinal cord injury [1]
    Gambling Problems among Community Cocaine Users [1]
    Gastroenterology [2]
    GBA mutations are associated with Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder [1]
    Gender-agreement errors on adjectives and determiners elicit different ERP patterns in French [1]