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    Personality, attentional biases towards emotional faces and symptoms of mental disorders in an adolescent sample [1]
    Personalized 3D reconstruction of the rib cage for clinical assessment of trunk deformities [1]
    Pharmacogenomics of blood lipid regulation [1]
    Physical therapy for urinary incontinence in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis or low bone density : a randomized controlled trial [1]
    A physically based trunk soft tissue modeling for scoliosis surgery planning systems [1]
    Physiotherapy for persistent postnatal stress urinary incontinence : a randomized controlled trial [1]
    Pkd1 transgenic mice: Adult model of polycystic kidney disease with extrarenal and renal phenotypes [1]
    Portacaval anastomosis-induced hyperammonemia does not lead to oxidative stress [1]
    The positive impact of red palm oil in school meals on vitamin A status: study in Burkina Faso [1]
    Postnatal pelvic floor muscle training for preventing and treating urinary incontinence : where do we stand? [1]
    Pour un cursus d'études médicales axé sur les compétences : cadre de formation [1]
    Prediction of scoliosis curve type based on the analysis of trunk surface topography [1]
    Prevalence and correlates of prescription opioid residue injection [1]
    Previous pregnancy outcomes and subsequent pregnancy anxiety in a Quebec prospective cohort [1]
    The priming of priming : Evidence that the N400 reflects context-dependent post-retrieval word integration in working memory [1]
    The proprotein convertase PC5/6 is protective against intestinal tumorigenesis: In vivo mouse model [1]
    The proprotein convertase PC5/6 is protective against intestinal tumorigenesis: in vivo mouse model [1]
    Psychiatric services utilization in completed suicides of a youth centres population [1]
    Quality of life in multiple sclerosis: translation in French Canadian of the MSQoL-54 [1]
    Quality of Physiotherapy Services for Injured Workers Compensated by Workers' Compensation in Quebec: A Focus Group Study of Physiotherapy Professionals [1]