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    1. Les professions et les institutions (extrait) [1]
    The academic advantage : gender disparities in patenting [1]
    Age stratification and cohort effects in scholarly communication : a study of social sciences [1]
    An analysis of direct reciprocal borrowing among Québec university libraries [1]
    The angle sum theory : exploring the literature on acknowledgments in scholarly communication [1]
    Archive en devenir [1]
    Archives et création : nouvelles perspectives sur l'archivistique. Cahier 1 [1]
    Archives et création : nouvelles perspectives sur l’archivistique. Cahier 2 [1]
    Archives et création : nouvelles perspectives sur l’archivistique. Cahier 3 [1]
    L’archivistique québécoise ne doit pas s’endormir sur ses lauriers [1]
    Are elite journals declining? [1]
    arXiv E‐prints and the journal of record : an analysis of roles and relationships [1]
    Astrophysicists on Twitter : an in-depth analysis of tweeting and scientific publication behavior [1]
    Astrophysicists’ conversational connections on Twitter [1]
    L’astrophysique au Québec depuis 1945 : émergence et consolidation d’une communauté scientifique périphérique [1]
    Authorial and institutional stratification in open access publishing : the case of global health research [1]
    Authorship ethics in global health research partnerships between researchers from low or middle income countries and high income countries [1]
    Authorship, citations, acknowledgments and visibility in social media : symbolic capital in the multifaceted reward system of science [1]
    Beyond funding : acknowledgement patterns in biomedical, natural and social sciences [1]
    Bibliométrie [1]