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    Cartographier l’évolution du contenu de la revue Archives au moyen des techniques de fouille de textes et de bibliométrie [1]
    Changes in publication languages and citation practices and their effect on the scientific impact of Russian science (1993–2010) [1]
    Chantier pour une archivistique depuis l’exploitation. Notes de recherche 2 [1]
    Characterization, description, and considerations for the use of funding acknowledgement data in Web of Science [1]
    Characterizing social media metrics of scholarly papers : the effect of document properties and collaboration patterns [1]
    Citation [1]
    A climate of sharing : Who are the users engaging with climate research on Twitter? [1]
    A community of curious souls : an analysis of commenting behavior on TED talks videos [1]
    Comparing bibliometric statistics obtained from the Web of Science and Scopus [1]
    Comparing journal and paper level classifications of science [1]
    Compte-rendu de lecture du livre : "Communs du savoir et bibliothèques" [1]
    Contributorship and division of labor in knowledge production [1]
    Costly collaborations : the impact of scientific fraud on co-authors’ careers [1]
    Criminologie à portée de clic : analyse de l’usage de la revue numérique [1]
    De la diffusion à l’exploitation : notes de recherche 1 [1]
    The decline in the concentration of citations, 1900–2007 [1]
    Le défi du numérique : redonner sa place à la fonction documentaire [1]
    Design and update of a classification system : the UCSD map of science [1]
    Differences in personal and professional tweets of scholars [1]
    The dissemination of national knowledge in an internationalized scientific community [1]