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    Team size matters : collaboration and scientific impact since 1900 [1]
    Ten-year analysis of University of Minho Green OA self-archiving mandate [1]
    Text Summarization by Sentence Extraction and Syntactic Pruning [1]
    A theoretical foundation for the ethical distribution of authorship in multidisciplinary publications [1]
    Les traitements documentaires automatiques et le passage du temps [1]
    Les trois dimensions de l’économie du document [1]
    Tweeting biomedicine : an analysis of tweets and citations in the biomedical literature [1]
    Tweets as impact indicators : examining the implications of automated “bot” accounts on Twitter [1]
    Tweets vs. Mendeley readers : how do these two social media metrics differ? [1]
    The use of bibliometrics for assessing research : possibilities, limitations and adverse effects [1]
    Using Ancillary Text to Index Web-based Multimedia Objects [1]
    The utilitarian and hedonic outcomes of music information seeking in everyday life [1]
    Vanishing industries and the rising monopoly of universities in published research [1]
    The weakening relationship between the impact factor and papers' citations in the digital age [1]
    Web 2.0, organisations et archivistique [1]
    Web et théorie du document: utopie des ingénieurs et appétit des entrepreneurs [1]
    Web, texte, conversation et redocumentarisation [1]
    Which scientific elites? : on the concentration of research funds, publications and citations [1]
    Who influence the music tastes of adolescents? A study on interpersonal influence in social networks [1]
    Words by the tail : assessing lexical diversity in scholarly titles using frequency-rank distribution tail fits [1]