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    The limits of bibliometrics for the analysis of the social sciences and humanities literature [1]
    The linguistic patterns and rhetorical structure of citation context : an approach using n-grams [1]
    Long-distance interdisciplinarity leads to higher scientific impact [1]
    The many faces of mobility : using bibliometric data to measure the movement of scientists [1]
    Measuring interdisciplinarity [1]
    La médiation wiki et les GLAMS [1]
    Mesurer la science [1]
    Misconduct policies, academic culture and career stage, not gender or pressures to publish, affect scientific integrity [1]
    Modeling a century of citation distributions [1]
    A multidimensional analysis of Aslib proceedings – using everything but the impact factor [1]
    Multidimensional journal evaluation : analyzing scientific periodicals beyond the impact factor [1]
    The oligopoly of academic publishers in the digital era [1]
    On the citation lifecycle of papers with delayed recognition [1]
    On the compliance of women engineers with a gendered scientific system [1]
    On the composition of scientific abstracts [1]
    On the effects of the reunification on German researchers’ publication patterns [1]
    On the prevalence and scientific impact of duplicate publications in different scientific fields (1980‐2007) [1]
    On the relationship between interdisciplinarity and scientific impact [1]
    On the shoulders of students? The contribution of PhD students to the advancement of knowledge [1]
    On the topicality and research impact of special issues [1]