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dc.contributorLepori, Benedetto
dc.contributorJongbloed, Ben
dc.contributorHicks, Diana
dc.contributor.authorBégin-Caouette, Olivier
dc.contributor.authorNakano Koga, Silvia Marlene
dc.contributor.authorMaltais, Émanuelle
dc.publisherEdward Elgar Publishing
dc.titleContext matters : conceptualizing research funding policies through the lens of the varieties of academic capitalism approachfr
dc.typeChapitre de livre / Book chapterfr
dc.contributor.affiliationUniversité de Montréal. Faculté des sciences de l'éducationfr
dcterms.abstractResearch funding policies are both an expression of and a response to the globalisation of the knowledge society and its resulting competitive dynamics. The global dynamics of academic capitalism are, however, mediated by jurisdictions’ political economies, which, in turn, condition research funding policy mixes, policy coordination and policy outcomes. Relying on an integrative review of 75 scholarly documents and 15 OECD reports, this chapter compares research funding policies in 18 OECD countries accounting for three welfare regimes: liberal, conservative, and social-democratic. Ultimately, the review contributes to the consolidation of the emerging theoretical approach of the varieties of academic capitalism and broadens its application to allow for a systematic comparison of how policies and their outcomes are modulated by countries’ specific
dcterms.descriptionVersion prépublié
UdeM.ReferenceFournieParDeposantBégin-Caouette, O., Nakano Koga, S.M. & Maltais, É. (2023) Context Matters: Conceptualizing Research Funding Policies through the Lens of the Varieties of Academic Capitalism Approach. In: Lepori B., Jongbloed B., and Hicks D. (Eds) Handbook of Public Research Funding (Chapter 20). Edward Elgar Publishing, [à paraître en 2023].fr
oaire.citationTitleHandbook of public research fundingfr

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