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  • Pathways of association between childhood irritability and adolescent suicidality 

    Orri, Massimiliano; Galera, Cedric; Turecki, Gustavo; Boivin, Michel; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Geoffroy, Marie-Claude; Côté, Sylvana (Elsevier, 2018-10-30)
    Objective Childhood irritability predicts suicidal ideation/attempt (suicidality), but it is unclear whether irritability is an independent and direct risk factor for suicidality or a marker of intermediate mental health symptoms associated with ...
  • Interleukin-8 predicts fatigue at 12 months post-injury in children with traumatic brain injury 

    Interleukin‐8 predict fatigue in child TBI
    Crichton, Alison; Ignjatovic, Vera; Babl, Franz E.; Oakley, Ed; Greenham, Mardee; Hearps, Stephen; Delzoppo, Carmel; Beauchamp, Miriam; Guerguerian, Anne‐Marie; Boutis, Kathy; Hubara, Evyatar (Mary Ann Liebert, 2019-12-27)
    Despite many children experiencing fatigue after childhood brain injury, little is known about the predictors of this complaint. To date, traditional indices of traumatic brain injury (TBI) severity have not reliably predicted persisting fatigue ...
  • Pathways to recovery among homeless people with mental illness: Is impulsiveness getting in the way? 

    Leclair, Marichelle C.; Lemieux, Ashley J.; Roy, Laurence; Martin, Michael S.; Latimer, Éric; Crocker, Anne (SAGE, 2019-11-25)
    Objective: This study investigates the association between impulsiveness and six dimensions of recovery among homeless people with mental illness. Method: The sample was composed of 418 participants of a randomized controlled trial of Housing ...
  • The impact of Housing First on criminal justice outcomes among homeless people with mental illness : a systematic review. 

    Leclair, Marichelle C.; Deveaux, Félicia; Roy, Laurence; Goulet, Marie-Hélène; Latimer, Éric; Crocker, Anne (SAGE, 2019-01-06)
    Objective: Housing First is increasingly put forward as an important component of a pragmatic plan to end homelessness. The literature evaluating the impact of Housing First on criminal justice involvement has not yet been systematically examined. The ...
  • Impact of early environment on children's mental health : lessons from DNA methylation studies with monozygotic twins 

    Chiarella, Julian; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Szyf, Moshe; Provençal, Nadine; Booij, Linda (Cambridge University Press, 2015)
    Over the past decade, epigenetic analyses have made important contributions to our understanding of healthy development and a wide variety of adverse conditions such as cancer and psychopathology. There is increasing evidence that DNA methylation is ...
  • Autonomous and controlled motivation for parenting : associations with parent and child outcomes 

    Jungert, Tomas; Landry, Renée; Joussemet, Mireille; Mageau, Geneviève; Gingras, Isabelle; Koestner, Richard (Springer, 2014-06-14)
    The present investigation examined motivation for parenting and some of its correlates in parents and children. The data came from samples of 151 first-time mothers of infants, 153 mothers of middle school children, and 260 mothers and fathers of ...
  • Transformational leadership and incivility : a multilevel and longitudinal test 

    Bureau, Julien; Gagné, Marylène; Morin, Alexandre; Mageau, Geneviève (SAGE, 2017-10-06)
    Objective: This research examines group-level perceptions of transformational leadership (TFL) as negative longitudinal predictors of witnessing person-related (e.g., insults/affronts) and work-related (e.g., negation/intentional work overload) acts ...
  • Promoting autonomy to reduce employee deviance : the mediating role of identified motivation 

    Bureau, Julien; Mageau, Geneviève; Morin, Alexandre; Gagné, Marylène; Forest, Jacques; Papachristopoulos, Konstantinos; Lucas, Ashrah; Thibault Landry, Anaïs; Parenteau, Chloé (Canadian center of science and education, 2018-04-18)
    The organizational environment is purported to have a profound impact on how employees behave at work. In particular, the extent to which the work environment can foster autonomy in employees has been shown to predict several positive outcomes for ...
  • Prolonged and unprolonged complex febrile seizures differently affect frontal theta brain activity 

    Thébault-Dagher, Fanny; Deguire, Florence; Knoth, Inga Sophia; Lafontaine, Marc Philippe; Barlaam, Fanny; Côté, Valérie; Agbogba, Kristian; Lippé, Sarah (Elsevier, 2019-11-07)
    Objective: Studies have identified persistent cognitive and functional deficits, which could be linked to each other, in children with complex febrile seizures (FS). Our aim was to investigate differences in brain activity in children with a history ...
  • Amyloid burden and white matter hyperintensities mediate age-related cognitive differences 

    Sévigny Dupont, Pénélope; Bocti, Christian; Joannette, Maude; Lavallée, Marie Maxime; Nikelski, Jim; Vallet, Guillaume; Chertkow, Howard; Joubert, Sven (Elsevier, 2019-08)
    This study examined the additive versus synergistic contribution of beta-amyloid (Aβ) and white matter hyperintensities (WMHs) across 7 cognitive domains in 104 cognitively normal older adults. It also measured the extent to which age-related differences ...

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