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    A 2‐year dyadic longitudinal study of mothers' and fathers' marital adjustment when caring for a child with cancer [1]
    Actigraphy data in pediatric research : the role of sleep diaries [1]
    Action video game experience is associated with increased resting state functional connectivity in the caudate nucleus and decreased functional connectivity in the hippocampus [1]
    Age at first febrile seizure correlates with perinatal maternal emotional symptoms [1]
    Age of cannabis use onset and adult drug abuse symptoms : a prospective study of common risk factors and indirect effects [1]
    Aging and language : maintenance of morphological representations in older adults [1]
    Aging reduces the stimulating effect of blue light on cognitive brain functions [1]
    Altered gray matter structural covariance networks in early stages of Alzheimer's disease [1]
    Alzheimer’s disease and memory strength : gradual decline of memory traces as a function of their strength [1]
    American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine [2]
    Amyloid burden and white matter hyperintensities mediate age-related cognitive differences [1]
    ANAE [1]
    Anatomical correlates of early mutism in progressive nonfluent aphasia [1]
    The anatomy of category-specific object naming in neurodegenerative diseases [1]
    L’apprentissage sans erreur : un principe efficace d’intervention dans la maladie d’Alzheimer et dans l’aphasie primaire progressive [1]
    Archives of clinical neuropsychology [1]
    Archives of neurology [2]
    Archives of sexual behavior [2]
    Are age and sex effects on sleep slow waves only a matter of EEG amplitude ? [1]
    Are NREM sleep characteristics associated to subjective sleep complaints after mild traumatic brain injury? [1]