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    Key agreement against quantum adversaries [1]
    Lagrangian-based methods for single and multi-layer multicommodity capacitated network design [1]
    Lagrangian-informed mixed integer programming reformulations [1]
    Large state spaces and self-supervision in reinforcement learning [1]
    Latent data augmentation and modular structure for improved generalization [1]
    Latent variable language models [1]
    A layered JavaScript virtual machine supporting dynamic instrumentation [1]
    Learned interpreters : structural and learned systematicity in neural networks for program execution [1]
    Learning a graph made of boolean function nodes : a new approach in machine learning [1]
    Learning and planning with noise in optimization and reinforcement learning [1]
    Learning and time : on using memory and curricula for language understanding [1]
    Learning competitive ensemble of information-constrained primitives [1]
    Learning discrete word embeddings to achieve better interpretability and processing efficiency [1]
    Learning neural ordinary differential equations for optimal control [1]
    Learning representations for Information Retrieval [1]
    Learning to compare nodes in branch and bound with graph neural networks [1]
    Learning to sample from noise with deep generative models [1]
    Learning visual representations with neural networks for video captioning and image generation [1]
    Learning-Based Matheuristic Solution Methods for Stochastic Network Design [1]
    Leveraging deep reinforcement learning in the smart grid environment [1]