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    On challenges in training recurrent neural networks [1]
    On Deep Multiscale Recurrent Neural Networks [1]
    On improving variational inference with low-variance multi-sample estimators [1]
    On learning and generalization in unstructured taskspaces [1]
    On Recurrent and Deep Neural Networks [1]
    On sample efficiency and systematic generalization of grounded language understanding with deep learning [1]
    On Space-Time Trade-Off for Montgomery Multipliers over Finite Fields [1]
    On the bias-variance tradeoff : textbooks need an update [1]
    On the fly type specialization without type analysis [1]
    On two sequential problems : the load planning and sequencing problem and the non-normal recurrent neural network [1]
    Open source quality control tool for translation memory using artificial intelligence [1]
    Optimisation des horaires des agents et du routage des appels dans les centres d’appels [1]
    Optimisation et balancement de la consommation d'énergie dans les réseaux ad hoc mobiles et de capteurs [1]
    Optimisation mémoire et exploration architecturale d'applications multimédias sur un réseau sur puce [1]
    Optimisation stochastique pour l'affectation du personnel polyvalent dans un centre d'appels téléphoniques [1]
    Optimization models and methods for real-time transportation planning in forestry [1]
    Optimization of p-cycle protection schemes in optical networks [1]
    Optimizing ANN Architectures using Mixed-Integer Programming [1]
    Ordonnancement des flots agrégés dans les réseaux IP multiservices [1]
    Un outil de conception pour les réseaux maillés sans fil [1]