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  • Blunted ventral striatal responses to anticipated rewards foreshadow problematic drug use in novelty-seeking adolescents 

    Büchel, Christian; Peters, Jan; Banaschewski, Tobias; Bokde, Arun W. L.; Bromberg, Uli; Conrod, Patricia; Flor, Herta; Papadopoulos Orfanos, Dimitri; Garavan, Hugh; Gowland, Penny; Heinz, Andreas; Walter, Henrik; Ittermann, Bernd; Mann, Karl; Martinot, Jean-Luc; Paillère-Martinot, Marie-Laure; Nees, Frauke; Paus, Tomáš; Pausova, Zdenka; Poustka, Luise; Rietschel, Marcella; Robbins, Trevor W.; Smolka, Michael N.; Gallinat, Jürgen; Schumann, Gunter; Knutson, Brian; Imagen Consortium (Nature Research, 2017-02-21)
    Novelty-seeking tendencies in adolescents may promote innovation as well as problematic impulsive behaviour, including drug abuse. Previous research has not clarified whether neural hyper- or hypo-responsiveness to anticipated rewards promotes vulnerability ...