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    Can pragmatic inference benefit from topic prominence? ERP evidence from Mandarin Chinese [1]
    Canadian high school coaches’ experiences, insights, and perceived roles with sport-related concussions [1]
    Canadian journal of linguistics = Revue canadienne de linguistique [1]
    Canadian journal of microbiology [1]
    Canadian journal of neurological sciences [1]
    Canadian journal of psychiatry = Revue canadienne de psychiatrie [2]
    Canadian journal of speech language pathology and audiology = Revue canadienne d'orthophonie et d'audiologie [2]
    Canadian journal of speech-language pathology and audiology [2]
    Canadian liver journal [1]
    Cancer research [3]
    Cannabidiol as a treatment for craving and relapse in individuals with cocaine use disorder : a randomized placebo‐controlled trial [1]
    Cannabis use correlates of syringe sharing among injection drug users [1]
    Cannabis use in early adolescence: evidence of amygdala hypersensitivity to signals of threat [1]
    Caspase-3 dependent peritubular capillary dysfunction is pivotal for transition from acute to chronic kidney disease after acute ischemia-reperfusion injury [1]
    CD40-stimulated B Lymphocytes Pulsed with Tumor Antigens Are Effective Antigen-presenting Cells That Can Generate Specific T Cells [1]
    Cell communication and signaling [1]
    Cell reports [1]
    Changes in Trunk Appearance After Scoliosis Spinal Surgery and Their Relation to Changes in Spinal Measurements [1]
    Changes in urethral sphincter size following rehabilitation in older women with stress urinary incontinence [1]
    Child development [2]