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    Adolescent cannabis use, change in neurocognitive function, and High-School Graduation : a longitudinal study from early adolescence to young adulthood [1]
    Adolescent Illicit Drug Use and Subsequent Academic and Psychosocial Adjustment : an Examination of Socially-Mediated Pathways [1]
    Adolescent suicide attempts and adult adjustment [1]
    Adolescent Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms : co-development of Behavioral and Academic Problems [1]
    L'affaire Sokal : les retombées d'un canular [1]
    Aggression can be contagious : longitudinal associations between proactive aggression and reactive aggression among young twins [1]
    Aggressive incidents inside a Montreal barroom involving patrons, barmaids and bouncers : a micro level examination of routine activity theory [1]
    Les aides-enseignants (AE) : un service utile et controversé en adaptation scolaire [1]
    Application du renforcement non contingent pour réduire les comportements problématiques chez les personnes ayant un trouble du spectre de l’autisme [1]
    Assessment and treatment of stereotypy in an individual with Cornelia de Lange syndrome and deafblindness [1]
    Associations between daily mood states and brain gray matter volume, resting-state functional connectivity and task-based activity in healthy adults [1]
    Associations between mother-child relationship quality and adolescent adjustment : using a genetically controlled design to determine the direction and magnitude of effects [1]
    Associations between sibling relationship quality and friendship quality in early adolescence : looking at the case of twins [1]
    L'autisme, une autre intelligence: nouveauté ou recul? [1]
    Les bases fragiles de la communication facilitée [1]
    Can sports mitigate the effects of depression and aggression on peer rejection? [1]
    Commentary : On the importance of looking at nonlinearity and developmental effects – a reflection on Flom et al. (2017) [1]
    Comorbidity Between Major Depression and Alcohol Use Disorder From Adolescence to Adulthood [1]
    Comparing two methods to promote generalization of receptive identification in children with autism spectrum disorders [1]
    Comparison of tablet-delivered and instructor-delivered teaching on receptive identification in children with autism spectrum disorders [1]