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  • Age at first febrile seizure correlates with perinatal maternal emotional symptoms 

    Thébault-Dagher, Fanny; Herba, Catherine; Séguin, Jean; Muckle, Gina; Lupien, Sonia; Carmant, Lionel; Simard, Marie-Noëlle; Shapiro, Gabriel; Fraser, William; Lippé, Sarah (2017-09-30)
    Objective: Prenatal exposure to stress and fever are factors lowering seizure threshold in animal models. The fever effect on seizure threshold is well documented in human infants, however the associations between maternal perinatal stress and infants’ ...
  • How do mothers with borderline personality disorder mentalize when interacting with their infants? 

    Marcoux, Andrée-Anne; Bernier, Annie; Séguin, Jean; Boike-Armerding, Jennifer; Lyons-Ruth, Karlen (2017-02-01)
    Mothers with borderline personality disorder (BPD) have been theorized to have decreased mentalization ability, which is the capacity to perceive and interpret mental states. This could increase the risk for troubled relationships with ...