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dc.contributor.advisorGranville, Andrew
dc.contributor.authorAryan, Farzad
dc.subjectinversibles modulo un entieren
dc.subjectles k-uplets de premiersen
dc.subjectconjecture d'Erdősen
dc.subjectprime k-tuplesen
dc.subjectErdos's conjectureen
dc.subjectreduced residuesen
dc.subject.otherMathematics / Mathématiques (UMI : 0405)en
dc.titleThe distribution of k-tuples of reduced residuesen
dc.typeThèse ou mémoire / Thesis or Dissertationématiquesené de Montréalfrîtrise / Master'sen Sc.en
dcterms.abstractEn 1940, Paul Erdős énonça une conjecture sur la distribution des classes inversibles modulo un entier. La présente thèse étudie la distribution des k-uplets de classes inversibles propose une preuve de la conjecture d'Erdős étendue au cas des k-uplets.en
dcterms.abstractIn 1940 Paul Erdos made a conjecture about the distribution of reduced residues. Here, in this thesis we studied the distribution of k-tuples of reduced residues, and proved extension of Erdos's conjecture for them.en

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