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    2D, 3D and 4D active compound delivery in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine [1]
    Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and risk of bleeding and acute ischemic events in non-hypertensive Alzheimer’s patients [1]
    ACS applied materials and interfaces [2]
    ACS Macro letters [1]
    ACS Nano [2]
    Acta biomaterialia [2]
    Advanced functional materials [1]
    Advances in platelet function testing—light transmission aggregometry and beyond [1]
    Alzheimer's and dementia [1]
    American journal of pharmaceutical education [1]
    Angewandte chemie international edition [1]
    Anticorps monoclonaux et immunothérapie : théorie et applications [1]
    Antiplatelet therapy for atherothrombotic disease in 2022 : from population to patient-centered approaches [1]
    Antiplatelet therapy in atherothrombotic diseases : similarities and differences across guidelines [1]
    The application of target trials with longitudinal targeted maximum likelihood estimation to assess the effect of alcohol consumption in adolescence on depressive symptoms in adulthood [1]
    Arthritis research and therapy [1]
    Assessing cardiometabolic parameter monitoring in inpatients taking a second-generation antipsychotic : the CAMI-SGA study – a crosssectional study [1]
    Assessment of PEG on Polymeric Particles Surface, a Key Step in Drug Carrier Translation [1]
    Aux frontières du médicament [1]
    Bile acid-based drug delivery systems for enhanced doxorubicin encapsulation: Comparing hydrophobic and ionic interactions in drug loading and release [1]