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    2D, 3D and 4D active compound delivery in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine [1]
    Assessment of PEG on Polymeric Particles Surface, a Key Step in Drug Carrier Translation [1]
    Bile acid-based drug delivery systems for enhanced doxorubicin encapsulation: Comparing hydrophobic and ionic interactions in drug loading and release [1]
    Bioinspired microstructures of chitosan hydrogel provide enhanced wear protection [1]
    Biomimetic bottle-brush polymer coatings for fabrication of ultra-low fouling surfaces [1]
    Clinical importance of thrombocytopenia in patients with acute coronary syndromes : a systematic review and meta-analysis [1]
    Drug-loaded nanocarriers : passive targeting and crossing of biological barriers [1]
    Effect of polymer architecture on Curcumin 1 encapsulation and release from PEGylated polymer nanoparticles: toward a drug delivery nano-platform to the CNS [1]
    Effect of Polymer Architecture on the Structural and Biophysical Properties of PEG-PLA Nanoparticles [1]
    Effect of surface chemistry of polymeric nanoparticles on cutaneous penetration of cholecalciferol [1]
    Factors associated with psychotropic drug use among community-dwelling older persons: A review of empirical studies [1]
    Hydration forces at solid and fluid biointerfaces [1]
    Insiders, smart drugs et pharmaceuticalisation : éléments pour une typologie de la nouvelle déviance conformiste [1]
    Interaction forces between pegylated star-shaped polymers at mica surfaces [1]
    Intermolecular interactions between Bottlebrush Polymers boost the protection of surfaces against frictional wear [1]
    Lubrication and wear protection of micro-structured hydrogels using bioinspired fluids [1]
    Mechanistic insights into the directed assembly of hydrogel blocks mediated by polyelectrolytes or microgels [1]
    Nanonization of megestrol acetate by laser fragmentation in aqueous milieu [1]
    Non-covalent formulation of active principles with dendrimers: current state-of-the-art and prospects for further development [1]
    Preparedness for the next epidemic : health and political issues of an emerging paradigm [1]