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    Aboriginal status is a prognostic factor for mortality among antiretroviral naïve HIV-positive individuals first initiating HAART [1]
    The added value of accounting for activity space when examining the association between tobacco retailer availability and smoking among young adults [1]
    Allergies and asthma: employing principles of social justice as a guide in public health policy development [1]
    Availability of body art facilities and body art piercing do not predict hepatitis C acquisition among injection drug users in Montreal, Canada: results from a cohort study [1]
    Conflict of Interest Policies at Canadian Universities: Clarity and Content [1]
    Conflits d’intérêts au sein de l’université : politiques et pratiques [1]
    Considering daily mobility for a more comprehensive understanding of contextual effects on social inequalities in health : a conceptual proposal [1]
    The consumption of coffee and black tea and the risk of lung cancer [1]
    Development of the Physical Activity Interactive Recall (PAIR) for Aboriginal children [1]
    Do social characteristics influence smoking uptake and cessation during young adulthood? [1]
    Effect of drug utilization reviews on the quality of in-hospital prescribing: a quasi-experimental study [1]
    Environnement et santé publique - Fondements et pratiques [1]
    Estimation of smoking prevalence in Canada: implications of survey characteristics in the CCHS and CTUMS/CTADS [1]
    Ethical Principles as a Guide in Implementing Policies for the Management of Food Allergies in Schools [1]
    Ethics and Social Responsibility in the Life Sciences [1]
    Étude sur l'évaluation de l'exposition professionnelle aux produits chimiques dans le secteur de l'imprimerie [1]
    Expected or completed? Comparing two measures of education and their relationship with social inequalities in health among young adults [1]
    Five-year predictors of physical activity decline among adults in low-income communities: a prospective study [1]
    Frailty, an Emerging Research and Clinical Paradigm: Issues and Controversies [1]
    Global bioethics – myth or reality? [1]