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Recent Submissions

  • Who uses early childhood education and care services? Comparing socioeconomic selection across five western policy contexts 

    Petitclerc, Amélie; Côté, Sylvana; Orla, Doyle; Burchinal, Margaret; Herba, Catherine; Zachrisson, Henrik Daae; Boivin, Michel; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Tiemeier, Henning; Jaddoe, Vincent; Raat, Hein (SpringerOpen, 2017)
    Growing evidence suggests that children’s participation in early childhood education and care (ECEC), especially center-based services, is associated with positive outcomes, particularly for children over one year of age and children of low socioeconomic ...
  • Factors associated with breastfeeding initiation: a comparison between France and french-speaking Canada. 

    Girard, Lisa-Christine; Côté, Sylvana; Blandine, de Lauzon-Guillain; Dubois, Lise; Falissard, Bruno; Forhan, Anne; Doyle, Orla; Bernard, Jonathan Y.; Heude, Barbara; Saurel-Cubizolles, Marie-Josephe; Kaminski, Monique; Boivin, Michel; Richard E., Tremblay; EDEN Mother-Child Cohort Study Group (Public Library of Science, 2016)
    Background Breastfeeding is associated with multiple domains of health for both mothers and children. Nevertheless, breastfeeding initiation is low within certain developed countries. Furthermore, comparative studies of initiation rates using harmonised ...
  • Psychometric properties of the Mental Health and Social Inadaptation Assessment for Adolescents (MIA) in a population-based sample. 

    Côté, Sylvana; Orri, Massimiliano; Brendgen, Mara; Vitaro, Frank; Boivin, Michel; Japel, Christa; Séguin, Jean; Geoffroy, Marie‐Claude; Rouquette, Alexandra; Falissard, Bruno; Tremblay, Richard Ernest (Wiley, 2017)
    We report on the psychometric properties of the Mental Health and Social Inadaptation Assessment for Adolescents (MIA), a self‐report instrument for quantifying the frequency of mental health and psychosocial adaptation problems using a dimensional ...
  • Early risk factors of overweight developmental trajectories during middle childhood 

    Pryor, Laura E.; Brendgen, Mara; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Pingault, Jean-Baptiste; Liu, Xuecheng; Dubois, Lise; Touchette, Evelyne; Falissard, Bruno; Boivin, Michel; Côté, Sylvana (Public Library of Science, 2015-06-29)
    Background Research is needed to identify early life risk factors associated with different developmental paths leading to overweight by adolescence. Objectives To model heterogeneity in overweight development during middle childhood and identify factors ...
  • Developmental predictors of inattention-hyperactivity from pregnancy to early childhood 

    Foulon, Stéphanie; Pingault, Jean-Baptiste; Larroque, Béatrice; Melchior, Maria; Falissard, Bruno; Côté, Sylvana (Public Library of Science, 2015-05-04)
    Objective The objective of the study was to characterize the developmental sequence of pre- and postnatal risk factors for inattention-hyperactivity symptoms in preschoolers. Materials and Methods Longitudinal data came from a French population ...
  • Assessing the independent contribution of maternal educational expectations to children's educational attainment in early adulthood: A propensity score matching analysis 

    Pingault, Jean-Baptiste; Côté, Sylvana; Petitclerc, Amélie; Vitaro, Frank; Tremblay, Richard Ernest (Public Library of Science, 2015-03-24)
    Background Parental educational expectations have been associated with children’s educational attainment in a number of long-term longitudinal studies, but whether this relationship is causal has long been debated. The aims of this prospective study ...
  • Associations among oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR) DNA methylation in adulthood, exposure to early life adversity, and childhood trajectories of anxiousness 

    Gouin, Jean-Philippe; Zhou, Q. Q.; Booij, Linda; Boivin, Michel; Côté, Sylvana; Hébert, M.; Ouellet-Morin, Isabelle; Szyf, Moshe; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Turecki, Gustavo; Vitaro, Frank (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-08-07)
    Recent models propose deoxyribonucleic acid methylation of key neuro-regulatory genes as a molecular mechanism underlying the increased risk of mental disorder associated with early life adversity (ELA). The goal of this study was to examine the ...
  • Distinct trajectories of separation anxiety in the preschool years: persistence at school entry and early-life associated factors 

    Evolution of separation anxiety symptoms in early childhood
    Battaglia, Marco; Touchette, Évelyne; Garon‐Carrier, Gabrielle; Dionne, Ginette; Côté, Sylvana; Vitaro, Frank; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Boivin, Michel (Wiley, 2016-01)
    Background: Little is known about how children differ in the onset and evolution of separation anxiety (SA) symptoms during the preschool years, and how SA develops into separation anxiety disorder. In a large, representative population-based sample, ...
  • Responsible conduct of research-creation: a portrait of an uncharted field of research 

    Voarino, Nathalie; Couture, Vincent; Bélisle-Pipon, Jean-Christophe; Mathieu-Chartier, Sara; St-Hilaire, Emilie; Williams-Jones, Bryn (5th World Conference on Research Integrity, 2017-05-31)
    Responsible conduct of research (RCR) is ubiquitous, and present in most areas of research. One area that has received little attention is Research-Creation (RC): • an emergent eld at the interface of academic research and creative activities • in ...
  • Responsible Conduct of Research in Research-Creation: Moving into Uncharted Terrain 

    Cloutier, Marianne; Voarino, Nathalie; St-Hilaire, Emilie; Bélisle-Pipon, Jean-Christophe; Couture, Vincent; Williams-Jones, Bryn; Mathieu-Chartier, Sara; Birko, Stanislav; Noury, Cynthia; Marsan, Charles; Gauthier, Philippe; Lapointe, François-Joseph (Canadian Bioethics Society, 2017-05-24)
    Responsible conduct of research (RCR) is ubiquitous, and present in most areas of research. One area that has received little attention is Research-Creation (RC): • an emergent eld at the interface of academic research and creative activities • in ...

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