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  • Design and update of a classification system : the UCSD map of science 

    Börner, Katy; Klavans, Richard; Patek, Michael; Zoss, Angela M.; Biberstine, Joseph R.; Light, Robert P.; Larivière, Vincent; Boyack, Kevin W. (2012-07-12)
    Global maps of science can be used as a reference system to chart career trajectories, the location of emerging research frontiers, or the expertise profiles of institutes or nations. This paper details data preparation, analysis, and layout performed when ...
  • Long-distance interdisciplinarity leads to higher scientific impact 

    Larivière, Vincent; Haustein, Stefanie; Börner, Katy (Public library of science, 2015-03-30)
    Scholarly collaborations across disparate scientific disciplines are challenging. Collaborators are likely to have their offices in another building, attend different conferences, and publish in other venues; they might speak a different scientific ...