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dc.contributor.authorBourbonnais, Anne
dc.contributor.authorDucharme, Francine
dc.contributor.authorLandreville, Philippe
dc.contributor.authorMichaud, Cécile
dc.contributor.authorGauthier, Marie-Andrée
dc.contributor.authorLavallée, Marie-Hélène
dc.subjectIntervention implementationfr
dc.subjectNursing homesfr
dc.subjectComplex interventionfr
dc.subjectAction researchfr
dc.titleAn action research to optimize the well-being of older people in nursing homes: Challenges and strategies for implementing a complex interventionfr
dc.contributor.affiliationUniversité de Montréal. Faculté des sciences infirmièresfr
dcterms.abstractFew studies have been conducted on strategies to promote the implementation of complex interventions in nursing homes (NHs). This article presents a pilot study intended to assess the strategies that would enable the optimal implementation of a complex intervention approach in NHs based on the meanings of screams of older people living with Alzheimer’s disease. An action research approach was used with 19 formal and family caregivers from five NHs. Focus groups and individual interviews were held to assess different implementation strategies. A number of challenges were identified, as were strategies to overcome them. These latter included interactive training, intervention design, and external support. This study shows the feasibility of implementing a complex intervention to optimize older people’s well-being. The article shares strategies that may promote the implementation of these types of interventions in
UdeM.ReferenceFournieParDeposantBourbonnais, A., Ducharme, F., Landreville, P., Michaud, C., Gauthier, M.-A. et Lavallée, M.-H. (2020). An action research to optimize the well-being of older people in nursing homes: Challenges and strategies for implementing a complex intervention. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 39(2), 119-128.
UdeM.VersionRioxxVersion acceptée / Accepted Manuscriptfr
oaire.citationTitleJournal of applied gerontologyfr

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