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    Addictions with Co-occurring Problems : Statistics and Challenges [1]
    Aggressive incidents inside a Montreal barroom involving patrons, barmaids and bouncers : a micro level examination of routine activity theory [1]
    AIMS public health [1]
    « All in or fold » : les hauts et les bas de la carrière des joueurs excessifs [1]
    Anxiety, stress and coping [1]
    Archives of trauma research [1]
    Assessment of the psychosocial predictors of health-related quality of life in a PTSD clinical sample [1]
    Behavioral sciences [2]
    BMJ Open [1]
    The buffering power of overt socially supportive and unsupportive behaviors from the significant other on posttraumatic stress disorder individuals’ emotional state [1]
    Canadian family physician = Médecin de famille canadien [1]
    Canadian journal of criminology and criminal justice = Revue canadienne de criminologie et de justice pénale [2]
    Canadian journal of psychiatry = Revue canadienne de psychiatrie [3]
    Carrière criminelle lucrative et désistement assisté [1]
    Cochrane database of systematic reviews [1]
    Comment les expériences passées conditionnent la fin des carrières criminelles : réussite criminelle et processus de désistement [1]
    Comorbid Depression Among Untreated Illicit Opiate Users : Results From a Multisite Canadian Study [1]
    Consommation de substances psycho-actives chez les femmes détenues au Québec [1]
    The costs of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco in Canada, 2002 [1]
    Countering distrust in illicit online networks : the dispute resolution strategies of cybercriminals [1]