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Recent Submissions

  • The impact of a Canadian financial cybercrime prevention campaign on clients’ sense of security 

    Coutu, Cameron; Dupont, Benoît (Springer, 2021)
    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of a cybercrime prevention campaign that was run by a Canadian financial institution. More specifically, we examined how participants/clients perceived the financial institution’s initiative to inform ...
  • Law enforcement and disruption of offline and online activities : a review of comptemporary challenges 

    Faubert, Camille; Décary-Hétu, David; Malm, Aili; Ratcliffe, Jerry; Dupont, Benoît (Springer, 2021)
    The digital world represents a new frontier for law enforcement operations. The virtual nature of online communications creates challenges regarding legal frameworks and sovereignty that are exacerbated by the inherent context of the digital world, the ...
  • Longitudinal associations between delinquency, depression and anxiety symptoms in adolescence : testing the moderating effect of sex and family socioeconomic status 

    Fontaine, Nathalie; Brendgen, Mara; Vitaro, Frank; Boivin, Michel; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Côté, Sylvana (Elsevier, 2018-09-25)
    Purpose To examine the cross-lagged associations between delinquency (nonviolent and violent), depression and anxiety symptoms in adolescence and to test the moderating effect of sex and family socioeconomic status (SES). Methods Participants ...
  • Enhancing relationships between criminology and cybersecurity 

    Dupont, Benoît; Whelan, Chad (SAGE, 2021-03-27)
    ‘Cybercrime’ is an umbrella concept used by criminologists to refer to traditional crimes that are enhanced via the use of networked technologies (i.e. cyber-enabled crimes) and newer forms of crime that would not exist without networked technologies ...
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of cybercrime prevention through policy monitoring 

    Dupont, Benoît (Routledge, 2019-12-13)
    This article examines the feasibility of designing and implementing a cybercrime prevention monitoring approach to enhance the quality of knowledge about policies that aim to reduce the prevalence and impact of online harms. Despite very significant ...
  • Countering distrust in illicit online networks : the dispute resolution strategies of cybercriminals 

    Dupont, Benoît; Lusthaus, Jonathan (SAGE, 2021-03-05)
    The core of this paper is a detailed investigation of the dispute resolution system contained within Darkode, an elite cybercriminal forum. Extracting the dedicated disputes section from within the marketplace, where users can report bad behaviour ...
  • Ofending frequency and responses to illegal monetary incentives 

    Nguyen, Holly; Loughran, Thomas A.; Morselli, Carlo; Ouellet, Frédéric (Springer, 2021-02-02)
    Objectives We examine how responsive offenders are to illegal monetary incentives. We draw from rational choice theory, prospect theory, and models of labor supply to develop expectations regarding the relationship between criminal efficiency, which ...
  • Diverse perspectives on interdisciplinarity from the Members of the College of the Royal Society of Canada 

    Cooke, Steven J.; Nguyen, Vivian M.; Anastakis, Dimitry; Scott, Shannon D.; Turetsky, Merritt R.; Amirfazli, Alidad; Hearn, Alison; Milton, Cynthia E.; Loewen, Laura; Smith, Eric E.; Norris, D. Ryan; Lavoie, Kim L.; Aiken, Alice; Ansari, Daniel; Antle, Alissa N.; Babel, Molly; Bailey, Jane; Bernstein, Daniel M.; Birnbaum, Rachel; Bourassa, Carrie; Calcagno, Antonio; Campana, Aurélie; Chen, Bing; Collins, Karen; Connelly, Catherine E.; Denov, Myriam; Dupont, Benoît; Georgea, Eric; Gregory-Eaves, Irene; High, Steven; Hill, Josephine M.; Jackson, Philip L.; Jette, Nathalie; Jurdjevic, Mark; Kothar, Anita; Khairy, Paul; Lamoureux, Sylvie A.; Ladner, Kiera; Landry, Christian R.; Légaré, François; Nadia, Lehoux; Leuprecht, Christian; Lieverse, Angela R.; Luczak, Artur; Mallor, Mark L.; Manning, Erin; Mazalek, Ali; Murray, Stuart J.; Newman, Lenore L.; Oosterveld, Valerie; Potvin, Patrice; Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl; Rowsel, Jennifer; Stacey, Dawn; Tighe, Susan L.; Vocadlo, David J.; Wilson, Anne E.; Woolford, Andrew (NRC Research Press, 2020)
    Various multiple-disciplinary terms and concepts (although most commonly “interdisciplinarity”, which is used herein) are used to frame education, scholarship, research, and interactions within and outside academia. In principle, the premise of ...
  • Rethinking incarcerated women's leisure as subjected to coercive and normative prison missions 

    Marcoux Rouleau, Alexis (Frontiers Media, 2020-11-23)
    Leisure is commonly understood as contributing to well-being; this is especially appealing when considering multiply marginalized populations such as incarcerated women. However, leisure is not impervious to cooptation by less benevolent social ...
  • Les défis de la réinsertion sociale : regard éclairé sur la réalité vécue par la clientèle en maison de transition 

    Challenges to reintegration : barriers to reentry encountered by ex-convicts in halfway houses
    Los desafíos de la reinserción social : una mirada iluminada sobre la realidad vivida por la clientela en casa de transición
    Dubois, Marie-Ève; Ouellet, Frédéric (Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal, 2020-12-17)
    La réinsertion sociale est un processus parsemé d’embûches au cours duquel un individu faisant face à la justice peut bénéficier d’interventions lui permettant d’être une personne autonome, intégrée à sa communauté et respectueuse des lois. Puisque ...

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