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  • Diverse perspectives on interdisciplinarity from the Members of the College of the Royal Society of Canada 

    Cooke, Steven J.; Nguyen, Vivian M.; Anastakis, Dimitry; Scott, Shannon D.; Turetsky, Merritt R.; Amirfazli, Alidad; Hearn, Alison; Milton, Cynthia E.; Loewen, Laura; Smith, Eric E.; Norris, D. Ryan; Lavoie, Kim L.; Aiken, Alice; Ansari, Daniel; Antle, Alissa N.; Babel, Molly; Bailey, Jane; Bernstein, Daniel M.; Birnbaum, Rachel; Bourassa, Carrie; Calcagno, Antonio; Campana, Aurélie; Chen, Bing; Collins, Karen; Connelly, Catherine E.; Denov, Myriam; Dupont, Benoît; Georgea, Eric; Gregory-Eaves, Irene; High, Steven; Hill, Josephine M.; Jackson, Philip L.; Jette, Nathalie; Jurdjevic, Mark; Kothar, Anita; Khairy, Paul; Lamoureux, Sylvie A.; Ladner, Kiera; Landry, Christian R.; Légaré, François; Nadia, Lehoux; Leuprecht, Christian; Lieverse, Angela R.; Luczak, Artur; Mallor, Mark L.; Manning, Erin; Mazalek, Ali; Murray, Stuart J.; Newman, Lenore L.; Oosterveld, Valerie; Potvin, Patrice; Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl; Rowsel, Jennifer; Stacey, Dawn; Tighe, Susan L.; Vocadlo, David J.; Wilson, Anne E.; Woolford, Andrew (NRC Research Press, 2020)
    Various multiple-disciplinary terms and concepts (although most commonly “interdisciplinarity”, which is used herein) are used to frame education, scholarship, research, and interactions within and outside academia. In principle, the premise of ...