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  • Divided Over Internationalism : The Canadian Public and Development Assistance 

    Noël, Alain; Thérien, Jean-Philippe; Dallaire, Sébastien (2004-03)
    This analysis of public opinion towards foreign aid shows that Canadians are divided over internationalism. First, while most citizens agree that development assistance is important, their support often remains shallow, unmatched by a commitment to ...
  • Political Parties and Foreign Aid 

    Noël, Alain; Thérien, Jean-Philippe (2000-03)
    The influence of partisan politics on public policy is a much debated issue of political science. With respect to foreign policy, often considered as above parties, the question appears even more problematic. This comparison of foreign aid policies in ...
  • Public Opinion and Global Justice 

    Noël, Alain; Thérien, Jean-Philippe (2002-08)
    The concept of global justice has been developed to stress the worldwide implications of moral problems. Not much, however, has been written about the actual politics of global justice. This article focuses on public opinion and argues that attitudes ...