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    Electoral Volatility, Political Sophistication, Trust and Efficacy 

    A Study on Changes in Voter Preferences during the Belgian Regional Elections of 2009
    Dassonneville, Ruth (2012-01)
    In this article we investigate voter volatility and analyze the causes and motives of switching vote intentions. We test two main sets of variables linked to volatility in literature; political sophistication and ‘political ...
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    Political Sophistication and Vote Intention Switching 

    The Timing of Electoral Volatility in the 2009 German Election Campaign
    Dassonneville, Ruth (2014-09-01)
    This article investigates the link between political sophistication and electoral volatility. Showing that there is disagreement in the literature on whether switching party preferences is related to low or high levels of ...
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    Partisan Dealignment in Germany: A rejoinder to Russell Dalton 

    Dassonneville, Ruth; Hooghe, Marc; Vanhoutte, Bram (2014)
    The work of Russell Dalton has undoubtedly played a seminal role in the study of the relation between political sophistication and partisan dealignment. We furthermore acknowledge the presence of a consensus on the occurrence ...
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    Age, Period and Cohort effects in the Decline of Party Identification in Germany 

    An Analysis of a Two Decade Panel Study in Germany (1992-2009)
    Dassonneville, Ruth; Hooghe, Marc; Vanhoutte, Bram (2012-04-27)
    Party identification traditionally is seen as an important linkage mechanism, connecting voters to the party system. Previous analyses have suggested that the level of party identity is in decline in Germany, and in this ...
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    The Effects of Civic Education on Political Knowledge 

    A Two Year Panel Survey among Belgian Adolescents
    Hooghe, Marc; Dassonneville, Ruth (2011-09)
    Traditionally political knowledge was regarded as an important potential outcome for civic education efforts. Most of the currently available research, however, tends to focus on non-cognitive goals, despite the fact that ...
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    Party Members as an Electoral Linking Mechanism 

    An Election Forecasting Model for Political Parties in Belgium, 1981-2010
    Dassonneville, Ruth; Hooghe, Marc (2014)
    While party membership figures are clearly in decline in several Western countries, different interpretations have been offered on the likely consequences of this trend. Some authors stress that members have lost most of ...
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    Voters and Candidates of the Future 

    The Intention for Electoral Participation among Adolescents in 22 European countries
    Dassonneville, Ruth; Hooghe, Marc (2013)
    Within the literature there is a growing concern about lower voter turnout rates among young age cohorts. In this article we investigate the reported willingness to vote among 72,466 14-year old adolescents from 22 European ...
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    Le processus de construction de l'identité collective du mouvement queer montréalais : perspectives militantes francophones 

    Pabion, Laurie (2016-05-25)
    Ce mémoire vise à analyser le processus de construction de l'identité collective du mouvement queer à Montréal dans un contexte francophone. Bien que plusieurs travaux portent en partie sur les groupes militants queers ...

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