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  • Inclusion and exclusion in nutrigenetics clinical research: ethical & scientific challenges 

    Hurlimann, Thierry; Stenne, Raphaëlle; Menuz, Vincent; Godard, Béatrice (Karger, 2012-01-31)
    Background/Aims: There are compelling reasons to ensure participation of ethnic minorities and populations of all ages worldwide in nutrigenetics clinical research. If findings in such research are valid for some individuals, groups, or communities, ...
  • Nutrigenomics for Global Health: Ethical Challenges for Underserved Populations 

    Nutrigenomics for Global Health
    Godard, Béatrice; Hurlimann, Thierry (2009-09)
    Nutrigenomics covers disparate fields of nutrition science and has been defined in many different ways. In fact, this emerging field of science has multiple facets, many of which do not generate the same ethical issues. In particular, different ethical ...