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  • Coinfections and their molecular consequences in the porcine respiratory tract 

    Saade, Georges; Deblanc, Céline; Bougon, Juliette; Marois-Créhan, Corinne; Fablet, Christelle; Auray, Gaël; Belloc, Catherine; Leblanc‑Maridor, Mily; Gagnon, Carl A.; Zhu, Jianzhong; Gottschalk, Marcelo; Summerfeld, Artur; Simon, Gaëlle; Meurens, François; Bertho, Nicolas (BMC, 2020-06-16)
    Understudied, coinfections are more frequent in pig farms than single infections. In pigs, the term “Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex” (PRDC) is often used to describe coinfections involving viruses such as swine Influenza A Virus (swIAV), Porcine ...
  • Genetic diversity of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae isolates of abattoir pigs 

    Charlebois, Audrey; Marois-Créhan, Corinne; Hélie, Pierre; Gagnon, Carl A.; Gottschalk, Marcelo; Archambault, Marie (2014-01)
    Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, the causative agent of porcine enzootic pneumonia, is present in swine herds worldwide. However, there is little information on strains infecting herds in Canada. A total of 160 swine lungs with lesions suggestive of enzootic ...