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    Gender bias in children's health care utilisation in Kerala, India [1]
    Gene expression profiling in hearts of transgenic mice overexpressing guanylyl cyclase domain of the GC-A receptor [1]
    Generation and screening of natural product-like compounds for antibiotic discovery [1]
    Génération de lignées de poissons zébrés exprimant le gène muté TARDBP [1]
    Génération de lignées de poissons-zèbres par génie génétique dans le cadre de l'étude du gène C9orf72 [1]
    Les gènes et protéines BSP chez la souris et l’humain : clonage, caractérisation, expression sous forme recombinante et étude des fonctions biologiques [1]
    Genes involved in the metabolism of fatty acids and risk for Crohn's disease in children: a candidate gene study [1]
    Genèse de l’immunopeptidome du CMH de classe I [1]
    Genetic analysis of cell size homeostasis in human cells [1]
    Genetic association study of plasma creatine kinase levels in the Montreal Heart Institute Hospital Cohort [1]
    Genetic contribution to the aggregation of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in multiplex consanguineous Pakistani pedigrees [1]
    Genetic determinants of clinical heterogeneity in sickle cell disease [1]
    Genetic determinants of rare disorders and complex traits : insights into the genetics of dilated cardiomyopathy and blood cell traits [1]
    Genetic Landscape of Joubert syndrome in French Canadians [1]
    Genetic predisposition to corticosteroid : related complications of childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (cALL) treatment [1]
    Genetic risk factors of chronic insomnia disorder [1]
    Genetic studies on the role of type IA DNA topoisomerases in DNA metabolism and genome maintenance in Escherichia coli [1]
    Genetic-epidemiologic analysis of X-inactivation skewing in human females : suggestive evidence for two distinct traits [1]
    Genetically engineering the mouse genome to study the role of the Phosphotyrosyl Phosphatase Activator (PTPA) gene in the response to oxidative stress [1]
    Genetics of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis [1]