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    Ubiquitination et ciblage des molécules du complexe majeur d'histocompatibilité de classe-II aux exosomes [1]
    Ultrafast Echocardiography [1]
    Uncovering parallel ribosome biogenesis pathways during pre-60S subunit maturation [1]
    Uncovering the role of misfolded SOD1 in the pathogenesis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis [1]
    Understanding the Intersectoral Collaboration of Rural Community Health Workers and Teachers: The Example of Addressing Violence against Women and Girls in Vulindlela, South Africa [1]
    Understanding the role of CAP proteins in the polarization process of C. elegans [1]
    Understanding the role of the matricellular protein SMOC-2 in renal cell carcinoma [1]
    Understanding the transcriptional control of EIF4E and its dysregulation in acute myeloid leukemia: role of NF-κB [1]
    Understanding the underlying biomechanical mechanisms and strategies in dysvascular lower-limb amputees during Gait Initiation : implications for Gait analysis [1]
    Unintended Consequences of Strategies Implemented in Canadian Healthcare Organizations to Reduce Wait Times for Elective Hip and Knee Surgeries [1]
    L’universalité des normes éthiques en recherche biomédicale sur sujets humains et leur application aux pays en développement [1]
    Upstream mechanisms responsible for H₂O₂-induced activation of MAPK and PKB in vascular smooth muscle cells [1]
    L’usage des codons régule la présentation des peptides associés aux molécules du CMH-I [1]
    The use of artificial intelligence algorithms to guide surgical treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis [1]
    Use of cellular impedance to characterize ligand functional selectivity at G protein-coupled receptors [1]
    Use of chemogenomic approaches to characterize RUNX1-mutated Acute Myeloid Leukemia and dissect sensitivity to glucocorticoids [1]
    Using whole-exome sequencing data in an exome-wide association study approach to identify genetic risk factors influencing acute lymphoblastic leukemia response : a focus on asparaginase complications & vincristine-induced peripheral neuropathy [1]
    L'utilisation d'un nomogramme d'insuline intraveineuse pour un contrôle strict et sécuritaire des glycémies aux soins intensifs [1]
    Utilisation de cartes conceptuelles par des formatrices en nutrition à la petite enfance [1]
    L’utilisation de cultures épithéliales autologues sur les sites donneurs des grands brûlés [1]