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dc.contributorGillen, Mark
dc.contributorWoodman, Faye
dc.contributor.authorHarrington, Matthew
dc.publisherEmond publishingfr
dc.titleTrusts in Quebecfr
dc.typeChapitre de livre / Book chapterfr
dc.contributor.affiliationUniversité de Montréal. Faculté de droitfr
dcterms.abstractThe use of the trust is a relatively new phenomenon in Quebec. Although some form of a trust was provided for in the 19th century, this civil law version was extremely limited in its operation and posed a number of significant theoretical problems that were never clearly resolved. Foremost among these was the fact that the common law’s distinction between equitable and legal ownership did not sit well with the civil law notion of absolute ownership. The modern Code civil du Québec1 (CcQ) altered this situation with a dramatic reconfiguring of the law of trusts by creating a civil law version of the trust that not only addressed the theoretical problems but provided for a more versatile form of trust better suited to modern commercial and property law
dcterms.descriptionChapitre 17fr
UdeM.ReferenceFournieParDeposantMatthew P Harrington, "Trusts in Quebec" in Mark Gillen & Faye Woodman, The Law of Trusts: A Contextual Approach (Emond Montgomery 4th ed 2021), ch 17fr
oaire.citationTitleThe law of trusts : a contextual approachfr
oaire.citationEdition4th editionfr

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