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    ACS Omega [1]
    BMC neuroscience [1]
    Chemosphere [3]
    Cooking and co-ingested polyphenols reduce in vitro methylmercury bioaccessibility from fish and may alter exposure in humans [1]
    Differential effects of plant root systems on nickel, copper and silver bioavailability in contaminated soil [1]
    An ecological microsystem to treat waste oil contaminated soil: Using phytoremediation assisted by fungi and local compost, on a mixed-contaminant site, in a cold climate [1]
    Effects of experimental thermocline and oxycline deepening on methylmercury bioaccumulation in a Canadian Shield lake [1]
    Environmental drivers of rare earth element bioaccumulation in freshwater zooplankton [1]
    Environmental pollution [2]
    Environmental research [1]
    Environmental science and technology [7]
    Fate and trophic transfer of rare earth elements in temperate lake food webs [1]
    The fish or the egg : maternal transfer and subcellular partitioning of mercury and selenium in Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) [1]
    Freshwater sample preservation for the analysis of dissolved low molecular mass thiols [1]
    High methylmercury in Arctic and subarctic ponds is related to nutrient levels in the warming eastern Canadian Arctic [1]
    Limnology and oceanography [1]
    Local fungi, willow and municipal compost effectively remediate petroleum-contaminated soil in the Canadian North [1]
    Mapping metal (Hg, As, Se), lipid and protein levels within fish muscular system in two fish species (Striped Bass and Northern Pike) [1]
    Mercury and selenium distribution in key tissues and early life stages of Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) [1]
    Mercury, hydroquinone and clobetasol propionate in skin lightening products in West Africa and Canada [1]