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dc.contributor.authorMackaay, Ejan
dc.publisherEdward Elgarfr
dc.subjectEconomic analysis of lawfr
dc.subjectDroit et économie politiquefr
dc.subjectDroit civil - Aspect économiquefr
dc.subjectSystèmes de droit civilfr
dc.titleLaw and Economics for Civil Law Systems - Introductionfr
dc.typeChapitre de livre / Book chapterfr
dc.contributor.affiliationUniversité de Montréal. Faculté de droitfr
dcterms.abstractThis is the Introduction to a book that explains how law and economics works with civil law concepts. Lawyers and students in Quebec, in Scotland, in continental Europe, in Latin America, in China or living elsewhere under civil law systems who can cope with English do not have to face the additional burden of common law concepts to find out what law and economics is all about. The first part of the book presents a kit of economic tools useful for this purpose; the second part, after a presentation of the "Coase theorem," applies law and economics to property and real rights, intellectual property, civil liability and contract. The cover picture reproduces Breugel the Elder's Netherlandish proverbs. They often reflect wisdom that law and economics captures in a more formal

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