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dc.contributor.authorClar, Monique
dc.contributor.authorDupont, Patrice
dc.subjectEvidence-based medicineen
dc.subjectShared filtersen
dc.subjectPratique factuelleen
dc.titleEvidence-Based Practice in PubMed: Are Shared Filters Useful to Health Sciences Academic Users?en
dc.typeContribution à un congrès / Conference objecten
dc.contributor.affiliationUniversité de Montréal. Direction des bibliothèquesfr
dcterms.abstractObjectives In April 2010, the Université de Montréal’s Health Sciences Library has implemented shared filters in its institutional PubMed account. Most of these filters are designed to highlight resources for evidence-based practice, such as Clinical Queries, Systematic Reviews and Evidence-based Synopsis. We now want to measure how those filters are perceived and used by our users. Methods For one month, data was gathered through an online questionnaire proposed to users of Université de Montréal’s PubMed account. A print version was also distributed to participants in information literacy workshops given by the health sciences librarians. Respondents were restricted to users affiliated to Université de Montréal’s faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Sciences, Nursing and Pharmacy. Basic user information such as year/program of study or department affiliation was also collected. The questionnaire allowed users to identify the filters they use, assess the relevance of filters, and also suggest new ones. Results Survey results showed that the shared filters of Université de Montreal’s PubMed account were found useful by the majority of respondents. Filters allowing rapid access to secondary resources ranked among the most relevant (Reviews, Systematic Reviews, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Practice Guidelines and Clinical Evidence). For Clinical Study Queries, Randomized Controlled Trial (Therapy/Narrow) was considered the most useful. Some new shared filters have been suggested by respondents. Finally, 18% of the respondents indicated that they did not quite understand the relevance of filters. Conclusion Based on the survey results, shared filters considered most useful will be kept, some will be enhanced and others removed so that suggested ones could be added. The fact that some respondents did not understand well the relevance of filters could potentially be addressed through our PubMed workshops, online library guides or by renaming some filters in a more meaningful way.en
oaire.citationTitleMedical Library Association. Annual meeting
oaire.citationConferencePlaceSeattle (Wash.)
oaire.citationConferenceDate2012-05-18 - 2012-05-23

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