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    La documentation photographique de l'espace limitrophe comme lieu de médiation : Interface (2014), de Taysir Batniji [1]
    Les documents personnels numérisés [1]
    Dodecyltrimethylammonium chloride adsorption at the silica/water interface studied by Sum Frequency Generation [1]
    Does Acculturation Equal Identification? Two Studies with Latin-American Immigrants [1]
    Does age matter? A mixed methods study examining determinants of good recovery and resilience in young and middle-aged adults following moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury [1]
    Does Chance hide Necessity? : a reevaluation of the debate ‘determinism - indeterminism’ in the light of quantum mechanics and probability theory [1]
    Does cortisol moderate the environmental association between peer victimization and depression symptoms? a genetically informed twin study [1]
    Does friendship give us non-derivative partial reasons ? [1]
    Does IMF Induce Political Business Cycles? An Empirical Analysis on Latin America's Indebted Countries [1]
    Does just war theory need to get with the times? [1]
    Does market failure justify redistribution? [1]
    Does Participation Matter ? The Impact of Subjective Calculus on Participation [1]
    Does shyness interact with peer group affiliation in predicting substance use in adolescence? [1]
    Does the Barro-Gordon Model Explain the Behavior of US Inflation? a Reexamination of the Empirical Evidence [1]
    Does the Degree of Openness of an Economy Affect its Economic Growth [1]
    The doing and undoing of global literature : myth, microcosm and atopia in triestine writing [1]
    Doing Justice to Recognition [1]
    Doit-on investir 15M$ dans la promotion de la pêche sportive dans la région métropolitaine de Montréal [1]
    Doit-on poursuivre les opérations de la centrale Gentilly-2 après 2013? Analyse avantages-coûts économiques [1]
    Doit-on procéder à la réfection de l'unité 2 de la centrale thermonucléaire de Pickering A? Une application du principe de précaution [1]