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  • Activation of Smad2 but not Smad3 is required to mediate TGF-β signaling during axolotl limb regeneration 

    Denis, Jean-François; Sader, Fadi; Gatien, Samuel; Villiard, Éric; Philip, Anie; Roy, Stéphane (2016-10-01)
    Axolotls are unique among vertebrates in their ability to regenerate tissues, such as limbs, tail and skin. The axolotl limb is the most studied regenerating structure. The process is well characterized morphologically; however, it is not well ...
  • Tissue regeneration in dentistry: can salamanders provide insight? 

    Sader, Fadi; Denis, Jean-François; Roy, Stéphane (2017-04-29)
    The ability to regenerate damaged tissues would be of tremendous benefit for medicine and dentistry. Unfortunately, humans are unable to regenerate tissues such teeth, fingers or to repair injured spinal cord. With an aging population, health problems ...