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    When Doctors Shape Policy: The Impact of Self-Regulation on Governing Human Biotechnology [1]
    When glaciers vanish : nature, power and moral order in the indian Himalayas [1]
    “When I Grow Up I Want to be a Doctor”: Promoting Atikamekw Children’s Interest for Health Professions Through a Book Collection [1]
    When rhetoric is a lady : rhetorical identity and Shakespearean female characterization [1]
    When sisters become brothers : the inclusion of women in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, 1952-2005 [1]
    Which are the Effects of a Monetary Policy Shock on the Different Components of GDP (consumptions, Investments, Export of Goods and Services, Imports of Goods and Services) in Canada? [1]
    Whither RDS? An investigation of respondent driven sampling as a method of recruiting mainstream marijuana users [1]
    Who influence the music tastes of adolescents? A study on interpersonal influence in social networks [1]
    Why do peace negotiations fail? : a case study of the 2012-2015 peace talks between Turkey and the PKK [1]
    Why Have Aggregate Skilled Hours Become So Cyclical Since the Mid-1980's? [1]
    Why linking matters : a metajournalistic discourse analysis [1]
    Why they kill : criminal etiologies in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, R.L. Stevenson's Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and Oscar Wilde's The picture of Dorian Gray [1]
    Why us? Perceived injustice is associated with more sexual and psychological distress in couples coping with genito-pelvic pain [1]
    Widening gaps, productive spaces : the construction of Victorian identity in Thomas Carlyle, Lewis Carroll and George Eliot [1]
    WikiGames : une plateforme de jeux dédiée à la validation d’une base de connaissances produite à partir de techniques d’extraction d’information ouverte [1]
    The Wild Bootstrap for the Variance Radio Test [1]
    Will Kymlicka et les angles morts du libéralisme - Vers une théorie non-libérale du droit des minorités? [1]
    Winckelmann et ses désirs (presque) secrets : amour entre hommes et idéaux de la masculinité à l’ère néoclassique (1755-1768) [1]
    Wine Auctioning: a Study of Auctionneer's Decisions [1]
    Wirklichkeit und Fiktion : Alfred Döblins „Tatsachenphantasie“ in seinem historischen Roman „November 1918“ [1]