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    Synthesis of constrained tricyclic nucleosides and the core of nagilactone B [1]
    Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds of medicinal relevance [1]
    Synthesis of new zirconium complexes [1]
    Synthesis of new zirconium diketiminate complexes and catalytic applications [1]
    Synthesis of polyelectrolyte brushes on silica-based substrates through surface-initiated polymerization : brush characterization and responsiveness to variation in pH and ionic strength [1]
    Synthesis of ring A of (+)-Ambruticin S and bicyclic nucleosides for antisense drug technology [1]
    Synthesis of transition metal N-heterocyclic carbene complexes and applications in catalysis [1]
    Synthesis, characterization and chromotropism properties of Ni(II) complexes featuring diphenyl(dipyrazolyl) methane [1]
    Synthesis, properties and characterization of N-Alkyl substituted b-Diketiminato copper(I) Complexes [1]
    Synthetic approach to room temperature luminescent ruthenium(II) complexes with tridentate ligands [1]
    Syria and Israel in the Middle East : an anatomy of the conflict [1]
    Syrie fédérale : la proposition kurde [1]
    Systematic construction of models for the exchange hole of density functional theory [1]
    A Systematic Framework for Analyzing the Dynamic Effects of Permanent and Transitory Shocks [2]
    Systematic observation of barroom incidents in a large Montreal venue [1]
    Systematics and floral evolution of the Dialiinae (Caesalpinioideae), a diverse lineage of tropical legumes [1]
    Systématique du genre Essigella (Hemiptera : Sternorrhyncha) au moyen de données moléculaires [1]
    Systématique et biogéographie du groupe Caesalpinia (famille Leguminosae) [1]
    Systématique évolutive et biogéographie de Angraecum (Orchidaceae, Angraecinae) à Madagascar [1]
    Systématique moléculaire et biogéographie de trois genres malgaches menacés d'extinction Delonix, Colvillea et Lemuropisum (Caesalpinioideae: Leguminosae) [1]