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    Lagrangian-based methods for single and multi-layer multicommodity capacitated network design [1]
    Lagrangian-informed mixed integer programming reformulations [1]
    Latent variable language models [1]
    A layered JavaScript virtual machine supporting dynamic instrumentation [1]
    Learning a graph made of boolean function nodes : a new approach in machine learning [1]
    Learning and time : on using memory and curricula for language understanding [1]
    Learning competitive ensemble of information-constrained primitives [1]
    Learning representations for Information Retrieval [1]
    Learning to sample from noise with deep generative models [1]
    Learning visual representations with neural networks for video captioning and image generation [1]
    Learning-Based Matheuristic Solution Methods for Stochastic Network Design [1]
    Leveraging deep reinforcement learning in the smart grid environment [1]
    Leveraging distant supervision for improved named entity recognition [1]
    Leveraging noisy side information for disentangling of factors of variation in a supervised setting [1]
    Lifelong learning of concepts in CRAFT [1]
    The limits of Nečiporuk’s method and the power of programs over monoids taken from small varieties of finite monoids [1]
    The load planning problem for double-stack intermodal trains [1]
    Load sequencing for double-stack trains [1]
    Localisation des noeuds dans les réseaux de capteurs sans fil [1]
    Logarithme d'harmoniques sphériques pour le rendu d'ombres douces de champs de hauteurs et de maillages [1]