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Fac. Méd. - Département de médecine


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  • Boucher, Andrée; Ste-Marie, Louis-Georges (Les Presses du CPASS, 2013-12-11)
    En 2005, la Faculté de médecine de l’Université de Montréal s’engage dans un grand projet de « Cursus d’études médicales axé sur les compétences » qui vise l’adoption d’une nouvelle approche pédagogique spécialement conçue ...
  • Cohen, A.R.; Gomes, F.L.A.F.; Roysam, B.; Cayouette, M. (2010)
    Understanding how stem and progenitor cells choose between alternative cell fates is a major challenge in developmental biology. Efforts to tackle this problem have been hampered by the scarcity of markers that can be used ...
  • Ramamurthy, V.; Cayouette, M. (2009)
    Primary cilia are microtubule-rich hair-like extensions protruding from the surface of most post-mitotic cells. They act as sensory organelles that help interpret various environmental cues. Mutations in genes encoding ...
  • Sun, X.; Essalmani, R.; Seidah, N. G.; Prat, A. (2009)
    The secretory basic amino acid-specific proprotein convertases (PCs) have often been associated with cancer/metastasis. By controlling the cleavage of cancer-associated proteins, PCs play key roles in multiple steps of ...
  • Ghazal, G.; Gagnon, J.; Jacques, P.-É.; Landry, J.-R.; Robert, F.; Abou Elela, S. (2009)
    Transcription termination of messenger RNA (mRNA) is normally achieved by polyadenylation followed by Rat1p-dependent 5'-3' exoribonuleolytic degradation of the downstream transcript. Here we show that the yeast ortholog ...

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