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    Una secuencia didáctica para un concepto unificador en un curso de álgebra lineal de un programa de formación a la ingeniería [1]
    Uncovering parallel ribosome biogenesis pathways during pre-60S subunit maturation [1]
    Uncovering the role of misfolded SOD1 in the pathogenesis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis [1]
    Under the roof and the pen of Elizabeth Willing Powel. Material culture, sociability, and letters in revolutionary and early republican Philadelphia [1]
    Understanding deep architectures and the effect of unsupervised pre-training [1]
    Understanding economic decision-making under social norms prescribing behaviours [1]
    Understanding retargeting compilation techniques for network processors [1]
    Understanding the Intersectoral Collaboration of Rural Community Health Workers and Teachers: The Example of Addressing Violence against Women and Girls in Vulindlela, South Africa [1]
    Understanding the past to imagine the future : the history of industrial design practice in Alberta [1]
    Understanding the role of CAP proteins in the polarization process of C. elegans [1]
    Understanding the role of the matricellular protein SMOC-2 in renal cell carcinoma [1]
    Understanding the transcriptional control of EIF4E and its dysregulation in acute myeloid leukemia: role of NF-κB [1]
    Understanding the underlying biomechanical mechanisms and strategies in dysvascular lower-limb amputees during Gait Initiation : implications for Gait analysis [1]
    Understanding young adults’ socioeconomic circumstances and their contribution to social inequalities in smoking during the transition towards adulthood [1]
    D'une assise locale à un réseau régional : élites et institutions dans la région de Lanaudière (1825-1865) [1]
    D'une merveille l'autre : écrire en roman après Chrétien de Troyes [1]
    D'une théorie du fragment à la fragmentation : un essai sur les formes d'écriture fragmentaire et leurs implications pour la pensée [1]
    Unfolded singularities of analytic differential equations [1]
    Unfolding RNA 3D structures for secondary structure prediction benchmarking [1]
    Unholy transubstantiation : christifying the vampire and demonizing the blood [1]