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    Batterie d'évaluation du développement Talbot pour l'enfant de 0 à 6 ans : validité de contenu par analyse des items [1]
    Bayesian codon models for detecting convergent molecular adaptation [1]
    Bcl-xL (S49) and (S62) sequential phosphorylation/dephosphorylation during mitosis prevents chromosome instability and aneuploidy [1]
    Bcl-xL regulation and function in cell cycle checkpoints and progression [1]
    Les bénéfices du chant dans la réadaptation de l’aphasie [1]
    Beyond hairballs: depicting complexity of a kinase-phosphatase network in the budding yeast [1]
    The biasing of the 5-HT4 receptor as an antidepressant target [1]
    Bien manger en 2015 : perception du concept par des adultes clés agissant auprès d’enfants d’âge préscolaire au Québec [1]
    Binder of SPerm protein interference in sperm-egg interaction [1]
    Bioassay-guided antidiabetic potentials of Devil’s club (Oplopanax horridus) preparations from the traditional pharmacopeia of the Squamish and other first nations of British Columbia. [1]
    Bioassay-guided fractionation of Larix laricina du Roi, and antidiabetic potentials of ethanol and hot water extracts of seventeen medicinal plants from the traditional pharmacopeia of the James Bay Cree [1]
    Biochemical and functional characterization of the tumor suppressors BRCA1 and BAP1 [1]
    Biochemical mechanisms involved in pulmonary hypo-alveolarization induced by peroxides contaminating parenteral nutrition in newborn guinea pig [1]
    Biocompatibilité des microcapsules d'alginate : purification d'alginate, réaction immunitaire de l'hôte et protection du receveur [1]
    Biogénèse des lipoprotéines de haute densité (HDL): implication du transporteur ABCA1 [1]
    Biogenesis of the C. elegans germline syncytium: from nucleation to maturation [1]
    The biological importance of apurinic/apyrimidinic endonucleases in the maintenance of genetic stability [1]
    Biology and characterisation of polyalanine as an emerging pathological marker [1]
    Biomarqueurs pronostiques dans le cancer de la prostate : mieux prédire pour mieux traiter [1]
    Biomethanation of syngas: identification of metabolic pathways from CO in a natural anaerobic consortium [1]